REVIEW: Your First Line of Defense in Child Safety with Safety 1st

48409-FS4 kids later, each one so very different than each other and you can bet we’ve tried every

safety product out there.  My oldest was the quickest to explore and eventually walk.  My second, had no fear of edges or falls.  My third was hospital-prone and by the last one, I am well prepared for anything, mostly in part to Safety 1st.  I have been using their time tested products from the very first child almost 10 years ago.  Which is why I am proud to be a Safety 1st Ambassador.



Products like their Grip ‘n Twist Door Knob Covers have been in my house for years.  Thoughtful detailing like glowing in the dark at night is great!  We love the ProGrade™ Finger Pinch Preventer not just for protecting their little fingers, but also to make sure they don’t lock doors we don’t want locked.  At some point in time, fake play becomes real to them and products like Clear View Stove Knob Covers are perfect to keep those curious little hands who want to c


ook just like mom and dad.  These are not cheaply made products either.  They are high quality, long lasting and fit even the high-end stoves.  Whatever your safety needs are Safety 1st has you covered.  Their extensive site covers everything from the most basic of needs like furniture bumpers and outlet covers to toilet locks and Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock.

Aside from being tried and true, all Safety 1st products compliment each other and fit in perfectly with any decor!

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Kitchen Holiday Hazards
Julie Vallese, Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert

The holidays have arrived which means your kitchen will most likely be very busy!  However, the kitchen is also one of most dangerous rooms in the house for children.

Let’s start with the stove.  The knobs and buttons on the stove are something that for some reason children always gravitate to.  You’ll want to make sure you have knob covers for the stove to keep kids from turning the stove on or off when you are cooking.  Also, when cooking on the stove try to use the back burners whenever possible to keep flames and hot surfaces as far away from children as you can.  And always keep those pot and pan handles turned in.

You also do not want to hang anything on the oven door.  A young child may try to use a dishtowel to stand up and it could open the stove door and come crashing onto the child.

A stove lock can also help avoid this hazard.

Finally, when you’re cooking you’ll likely be in and out of the fridge, and your toddler might try to do that same.  To help avoid this you can use a fridge lock.  The lock goes on and makes it difficult for your child to open it, but not difficult for you.

These tools will help make the kitchen safer, but remember nothing can take place of keeping an eye on your child.  When spending time with family and friends during the holidays, have someone else take a turn watching your little one in a different room.

Here is a video to learn more:


{disclosure : This is a sponsored post by Safety 1st who I serve as a PROUD Safety  1st Ambassador and receive product for review.  }