REVIEW: Ecostore USA

{ disclosure: samples received }

I recently had a chance to sample some products from Ecostore USA and I was really excited to try this line from New Zealand that touted full disclosure with regards to its ingredients list as well as being affordable.  Not to mention I was told it would be soon widely available in my neck of the woods.  You know, for those moments of — I just ran out of detergent, don’t have time to wait for an internet order to arrive.  You’ve gotta love the back story of how the company started.  Founded over 15 years ago by Melanie and Malcolm Rands, living in an eco-village in New Zealand.  All of the families that lived in the farm based eco village shared a commitment to organic growing and healthy living.  Each household in the village was responsible for their own waste water, which quickly highlighted the problems caused by using regular supermarket cleaning products that relied heavily on cheap, petroleum-based, synthetic ingredients.  The Rands took that problem and came up with a solution that left the eco-village’s water pure as can be and giving birth to Ecostore.

Now transplanted in the US, found a way to make eco-friendly products  more accessible and affordable by safely super-concentrating each formulation. A little really does go a long, long way!

I got a chance to sample their Front Loader Laundry Powder, Oxygen Whitener, Cream Cleanser and Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo.  Being obsessed with laundry, I was excited to try their front loader laundry powder and oxygen whitener for a couple of reasons.  One of which was to compare to my beloved Shaklee Laundry Detergent and Nature Bright, and another because the idea of being available at my neighborhood store was very appealing.    I was as little skeptical using powdered laundry detergent although I silently acknowledged, even with Shaklee, that it was probably the most cost-effective route.  I feared clumps of detergent that wouldn’t desolve, residues left behind… so while I had yet to try the Shaklee laundry powder, I was pleasantly surprised that my cautiously added smaller load dose recommendation to my HE washer, along with a dose of the oxygen whitener, cleaned my LARGE load of laundry without a problem.  That load included some disgusting football playing dirt covered clothing as well as some of my daughter’s potty training accidents.  I was clapping my hands with glee!

Off to the bathroom I went with my new cream cleanser to see if it could match the efficiency of my beloved, but long retired soft scrub, which was the only thing that could remove that soapy residue left behind everyday from 4 adults and a baby’s tub use.  Definitely before the baby goes in the tub, the neurotic parents in us, always has to do a completely scrub down of the tub.  My in-laws are not quite as chemically scared as we are and they choose, despite our pleas, to continue with thier old faithful chemical products.  So be it!  We know, old habits die-hard.  But ever since our daughter was born, about when the soft scrub retired… those nasty chemicals don’t have  a chance to go near our baby’s skin.  So despite the so-so effectiveness of our green cleaners on the grime, we still chugged ahead feeling some comfort that those harsh chemicals of products past weren’t coming near our baby.  I love love love their cream cleanser.  Our other green product was not exactly “soft”, and using it required a bit of delicacy, but this cream cleanser — stays in our linen closet within reach for the daily scrub down. 

Not to leave my darling Max (the dog) out.  I was thrilled Ecostore USA sent me the hypoallergenic dog shampoo.  It was the first of its kind I’d seen and I was eager to try it as Max’s bath routine often involved a weird, somewhat drugged in appearance dog who would frantically rub himself on anything and everything… my mother in law thought maybe his shampoo was making him itchy.  I wasn’t so sure since we’d tried several different types of “dog” shampoos and he always goes a little nuts after his bath.  I just coughed it up to an “irk” of his.  If there was a staple to keep of Ecostore USA’s products, I would keep this… Max wasn’t “Crazy Bath Max” afterwards.  He wasn’t rubbing his eyes into the towel or spinning himself nuts, rubbing the walls and running around like a cat on catnip.  He even allowed us to blow dry his hair without much of a fuss!

All in All, Ecostore USA passed my green snobby-ness test.  These products and others I’m dying to try are now available in New York City at your neighborhood Duane Reade!  If you’re not in my ‘hood, you’d be happy to know it’s available at Meijer Super Centers in the midwest, and on their website.  From now until year-end, EVERYTHING is 40% off!  Not to mention FREE shipping on orders over $25.  I love deals as much as I love a clean house!