REVIEW: Britax B-Ready Stroller System

{ disclosure: a sample was provided to facilitate this review by Britax, but the opinions expressed here are my own }

Since the recent addition of the infant to the family, I have been searching for the perfect stroller for my growing family.  I am NOT a fan of the double wide strollers and the reaction it gets from pedestrians and retailers who all steer clear as we watch parents struggle to maneuver while the destruction and chaos ensues.  With that option eliminated from my mind, I set my eyes on the inline double stroller systems.  When Britax invited me to check out their new B-Ready I admit to being a little skeptical but was intrigued to compare it along side the Baby Jogger City Select, the other stroller I was eying.  Britax was a brand synonymous with quality car seats and wasn’t the first brand that came to mind when I thought of strollers but I was impressed!

While choosing an inline double stroller system there are a few things you have to reconcile with.  One of which is the unavoidable cumbersome weight, another being ALL the parts.  If attempting to go out wasn’t complicated enough with an infant and a toddler, the complication of getting your stroller in and out of the car might deter you even more.  What sets this stroller apart from the rest is that it can actually fold with the second seat attached saving you time and headache.  That is something all moms can cheer about!  After you’ve wrangled putting in the infant car seat, and wrestled with the toddler into theirs, you now have to put the stroller into the trunk as quick as possible to minimize any meltdowns or best demonstrated on days when it’s pouring out but you still had to run to the store.  It has a simple button collapse, and BOOM!, its in your trunk.

I admit getting the toddler into the stroller, especially the lower seat isn’t the easiest feat in the world, but it never is.  She’s at that age where she’s too cool to sit in the stroller, yet still too small for me to manage chasing with an infant in tow.  Initially she didn’t like being on the bottom but warmed up to it when she discovered that the basket contained all of mommy’s goodies and she had access — that may not be a good thing for me.  As it must be, Britax spared no expense as it is a most comfortable and luxurious ride.  It is nicely padded and your impression of it would never be flimsy or cheaply made.  Britax quality is shown through out.  Their proprietary Click and Go system which works with the Britax Chaperone car seat and bassinet attachments, makes it even more simplistic in its design for ease of use.

The other great feature of the B-Ready is while its sold as a single stroller, its has 14 different configurations.  Two of my favorite configurations include the toddler seat on top and the infant seat on the bottom — which allows the toddler to see outside while the infant sleeps soundly below and the reverse where I can still see both (image above).

See for yourself:


  • it FOLDS WITH THE SECOND SEAT attached… that’s HUGE!
  • No re-thread, super easy adjustable, 5-point harness and head pad.  I don’t know why, but I LOOOOVE this feature.
  • Large under seat storage smartly designed with access from all sides, biggest I’ve seen yet!
  • Generously large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window
  • Toddler seat accommodates a child up to 55lbs, 10lbs more than the Baby Jogger City Select.
  • Second seat reclines flat and offers sun protection
  • Is a smooth ride and has great one-handed maneuverability.
  • Included for FREE: adult cup-holder, rain cover, CLICK & GO BRITAX CHAPERONE infant car seat adapter


  • It is not your light weight stroller, but is comparable if not lighter than many of the other in-line double strollers.
  • If you have infant twins, you’re locked into the Britax Chaperone car seat.  There is only an adapter available for the upper seat, but I think it’s not a bad thing to be locked into as they are the brand synonymous with quality carseats.
  • wish (again!)  that there was a removable padding for easy washing.  My kids spit up all the time or drip food, drinks, you name it, and cleaning it up is not an easy task.

The Britax B-Ready is available in 4 different colors – Black, Red, Silver and Green and is sold as a single stroller for a suggested retail price of $499, shipping to retailers in Mid-July.  Additional accessories available for purchase include: Bassinet, Second Toddler Seat, Infant Car Seat adapter, Second Seat Adapter, foot muff, child cup holder, mosquito net and travel bag.