REVIEW: Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever

IMG_3647 (1)Hi! My name is Latasha, and I am a first time mom-to-be. My husband and I had our struggles with fertility and are so excited to have a healthy pregnancy thus far. It was a long road but well worth it!  Suzanne has always been my go-to person for “all things baby/mom”!  As we approached week 20 of our pregnancy, I figured I better start getting things in order. She told me that her favorite event for new moms has always been Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower and now it’s BIGGER and better than ever. She suggested I snag a ticket right away as it would be a great opportunity for me to get out and see the latest cutting edge inventory for baby and mom items.

Boy was she not kidding! There were over 100 vendors at this event!  From the minute I walked through the doors, it was hard to try and not get overwhelmed  by it all.  I got to test out, touch, feel so many amazing products, all while enjoying sweet treats throughout the night.

Some of the highlights and my favorites at this event included:

  • honestStrollers, after all baby needs a nice ride!  I loved checking out Suzanne’s favorites including the UppaBaby Vista, Mamas & Papas Armadillo City and the new strollers from Inglesina.
  • Carseats like the amazing Britax Click Tight which is absolutely amazing.  I know so many people install them wrong.  Britax makes it practically fool-proof!
  • Suzanne is obsessed with her 4Moms Breeze playard and I could totally see why.  It’s modern and sleek while being so totally functional!
  • I am obsessed with Honest Company.  Being my first baby, I want to make sure I am only putting the purest, best and safest products on my baby.  Suzanne is a huge fan of their products and I can see why!
  • The Bunky Bag really sparked my interest as initially it looked like the typical “on the go” “squirt bag” that look to work so conveniently for Mom friends I have seen use them. However, with further education from The Bunky Bag team, the designer Jennifer Elliot also a dental hygienist  seems to have thought out every possible aspect of the popular squirt bags to make them not only convenient but safe. The Bunky Bag is not only washable, freezable, and easily stored, it’s anti-choke cap sold me as soon as learned of it’s feature. The cap size wasn’t even something that I would have paid attention to as new Mom. I’m sure I would not leave a cap lying around on purpose, but an innovative safety feature to have as a back up.
  • IMG_3652 (1)Next runner up as I came around the bend I bumped into the Halo Team showing off their latest and greatest in all things bassinet! Their newest Bassinest swivel sleeper seems to have the functionality of all moms in mind but especially those requiring delivery by c-section. The Bassinet not only sits on a sturdy but sleek base allowing for the legs of the base to fit easily under the bed and other furniture, it allows for the bassinet to be brought as close to your bed as feel comfortable. The base also features a generous height adjustment so you can get baby in perfect alignment with you. The swivel mechanism allows for easy exit out of bed and re entry with minimal disturbance to the bed. While most co-sleepers are not only stationary they also lack the ability to have a wall of protection between you and baby. The inner side of the bassinet is retractable allowing Mom to pick up baby without having to physically get out of bed. you can just simply apply slight pressure to the inner side and pull baby towards you and then out of the bassinet. The bassinet also has a feeding timer, night light, and a variation of soothing sounds. This is the perfect product to have the baby as close to you safely without having baby actually in the bed. I registered for this bassinet instantly!!
  • Tommee Tippee really made me confirm my bottle choice, Suzanne was already a huge fan. I had a lengthy discussion with the representative and we discussed that many new moms anticipating their babies having some sort of colic issue, whether it’s knowing that they themselves had issues with colic as an infant or due to pure fear. Tommee Tippee’s standard design is equipped with a super-sensitive anti-colic valve and an easy latch-on-nipple that imitates that of the women’s natural breast.  While Tommee Tippee does have a Sensitive Tummy and an Added Comfort Line (new) to provide even more venting and reduction of air ingestion it’s standard design is typically sufficient for the average infant without known feeding issues. I am feeling very secure in my choice to register for Tommee Tippee feeding products.

IMG_3665The Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever has grown so much since Suzanne’s first child, they’ve taken it on the road and now have showers in Los Angeles and Miami.  Ticket prices vary but their VIP packages are worth every cent.  While my husband couldn’t make it at the last minute, they have an awesome couple’s pass, which my husband definitely could have learned a lot from.  Guests can play games to win prizes including strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, car seats, bedding, bibs, clothing, decor and much more. Plus, everyone goes home with overflowing gift bags.

Throughout the year, Big City Moms also hosts various seminars and classes filled with experts and new product showcases which are equally as fabulous in a smaller package.