REVIEW: Apple TV 3rd Generation

Apple-TVAs a family that owns a LOT of Apple products, the Apple TV fit in perfectly in our house.  It was super easy to set up, not unlike every other Apple product and it speaks to you!  Right out of the box, it checks to see if you need voice-over assistance. I actually found it pretty amazing and brilliant for older folks and the visually impaired.  I’m really loving how Apple is so easy for the elder generation to use.  I can’t help but smile a kool-aid grin watching my mother in law using her iPad to chat with her friends and family in Hong Kong.  It should be noted that you need an HDMI cable to connect to your TV which is not included.  Typing in your wifi password might be a little annoying for some, especially if you’ve got a secure (complicated) password that needs to be entered via remote clicking, but you only have to do it once!  For future use, you can use your iPad, iPhone or iTouch as a keyboard, making input even easier.

Putting that aside, between my iMac, iPhone, iTouch and 3 iPads, it plays so nicely with one another.  In addition to the extensive iTunes library, it also streams YouTube, NetFlix and Vimeo with ease.  You can also play slideshows from iPhoto and Flickr housed on your iMac, iPad or iPhone.  While it doesn’t have as many stream services directly available through Apple TV, when used with your other suite of Apple products like the iPhone or iPad, you are able to access Pandora, Crackle and other video streaming apps.  The only minus for us was the missing link to Amazon Instant Video which we are huge fans of (Downton Abbey anyone?).  A neat feature that doesn’t get enough credit is when you click on computers, it automatically recognizes all devices signed in with the same Apple ID so when I say it plays nicely, it’s with a cherry on top too!

If you’re a huge Apple fan, you’ll love Apple TV.  Not only does it do TV well finally with a 1080p upgrade, it also enhances it’s surrounding Apple products.  For instance, it can connect the iPad to the TV allowing you to check Facebook, answer emails or even use your TV as a web browser. So if you’re an Apple girl, living in an Apple world… you’ll love the Apple TV!

{ disclosure: Staples provided me with this Apple TV to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are always my own. To see their full line of Apple products and accessories, visit }