Redefining Cool Water Bottles

As I’ve mentioned before I am a sucker for cool design. I want to say I found Kor Water through a facebook ad or something similar… who knows, my memory is shot… hence the need for my memory optimizer now that I have to compete with 18-20 year olds daily. This beautifully designed “hydration vessel” has definitely made me rethink that whole Poland Spring bottles I carry to school each day for the mere convenience of it. Kudos to Poland Spring, but despite their attempt at reducing packaging with smaller labels and a thinner, more collapsible and yet sturdy design — it still creates unnecessary waste. Yes, I also have an adorable Hello Kitty Sigg Bottle but the non-transparent design leaves much to be desired, not to mention the smaller mouth and the need for special tools just to clean it. BPA-free isn’t just for the babies, moms and dads can certainly use to reduce their exposure to the potentially cancer causing chemical. The Kor Water Vessel is made from BPA free Eastman Tritan with a one-handed flip top and a more than generous mouth opening. I don’t know what I was expecting but when I received it, but I was rather surprised by its large size standing at just under 11.5 inches and 3.5 inches wide holding approximately 26 oz of liquid. At $30 some might say its a little on the expensive side for a water bottle, but compared with some of the other options, its priced similarly and way, way cooler. I would love to see a junior version at a easier to carry 16 oz perhaps and even some other color choices like a translucent pink or purple. All in all, you will definitely see me carrying this cool vessel on campus to one of my 3 hour lectures… sigh!
{ disclosure : sample received from Kor Water }