Recoup and Rejuvenate with FiOS

fios-mobile-app-tablet-lgFirst let me tell you that going back to school is NO JOKE.  Add working full-time, 3 kids and blogging and it’s a recipe for exhaustion. It doesn’t stop there though, going back to school also involves no breaks and going straight through which meant a summer intensive session for this gal. Intensive doesn’t even begin to describe what the past several weeks have been like.  As my family can attest to, there was no time for anything other than school, school and school.  It was rough for everyone in my family.  We all looked at my calendar, almost religiously, counting down the days until its over.

This past week was my last BIG final!  While I still have one group project due in another week, the biggest hurdle was behind me and I was definitely due for some R&R.  For me that means catching up on my every growing DVR library. It took a LOT of self control not to want to put down my notes during school and just indulge in a little TV… but I didn’t and now have a huge library of shows to catch up on.  While it would be awesome if I could just lock myself up in my room and binge all day and night, let’s be real… I’ve got 3 kids, a hubby and many others who I have neglected the past 8 weeks, not to mention back to school prep for the kids, doctors visits and other errands that got pushed aside thanks to my grueling schedule.

phone_manage_your_dvrEveryone wants a piece of me. If you know me well enough, you know I am a master at making the most of every minute out of every day.  If I can’t squeeze it in, I REALLY cannot squeeze it in. I’m the girl who re-listened to class lectures  in the car, while running on a treadmill, while taking a shower, supervising my kids in the pool with my PowerBeats2 wireless headphones. My kids can recognize my professor’s voice anywhere now. It’s part amazing, and part sad.

I am ever so grateful for the wonderful invention called the FiOS mobile app. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you MUST download it now! From this amazing little app, you can search the TV guide and set recordings on the go. It was perfect for my impromptu appearance on FOX 5 news which I forgot to set up before I left the house. It was a lifesaver when my kids were dying to watch the premiere of Elena of Avalor on Disney Junior but we were stuck in insane traffic. That’s only one degree of awesome.

The entire ON-DEMAND library is available ON-DEMAND where ever you are. Seriously, have a few minutes while you’re pumping the gas (valuable few minutes! I’ve rolled down the windows and listened to my lecture while pumping gas!) and catch up on your favorite show. I’ve watched on line at Target to pay, waiting at the dentists office, waiting for my oil to be changed and waiting for my Shake Shack order. It was pretty awesome to replace class lectures with TV.

phone_remote_controlI have 7 remotes for the 3 set top boxes we have. You may ask, why do I have so many… and I’ll return the question with, do you know where the remotes are??! Because we can NEVER find them! You know what is never far from my hands? My phone! The FiOS mobile app doubles as a TV remote!!! I KNOW!!! So AWESOME! It’s also quite fun to switch the channel on the kids while they duke it out on which show who wants to watch and watch me some HGTV while they scratch their head and wonder where I came from.

By far my FAVORITE feature is that (most) EVERYTHING saved on your DVR can be streamed to your phone where ever you are! Because while ON-DEMAND is cool, and most of my DVR’d shows are also on ON-DEMAND, you can’t skip ads when you’re watching ON-DEMAND… bring on the fast-forward!

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. The FiOS Mobile App is compatible with iPad®, iPhone® , Android & Kindle Fire®.
Get the app here:

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{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love!  }