A Toddler Debutante’s Reading List

I’m starting to feel like me again!  As I’m in the home stretch of school, I got a little taste of what it will be like to be just a working mom – a nurse/mom!

The other day as the baby napped, I left him with his grandmother and darling daughter and I headed off the library.  Going to the library had always been so much fun for the toddler and I before I got knee-deep — sigh! — into school and trips to the library were no longer.  It was a real treat this sunny afternoon.

Upon arrival I felt almost immediately disconnected from this library.  It was no longer our familiar place and while books were abundant, knowing what to choose and where to choose it from was overwhelming!  The librarian was new too!  The toddler and I tried our best to navigate the maze of books and while we left with some really great books, two of which in honor of the recently celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday, we felt like we missed some really good reads.  As we left I could sense the toddler wasn’t completely too happy with the book choices and I decided to make a detour to the neighborhood Barnes & Noble which was my childhood “library” when it first opened… eons ago… okay it wasn’t really a detour as I secretly wanted to check out the Nook Colorwhich I am coveting!

There is something glorious about new books!  The smell, the crackle, the shiny new cover!  There were books on display everywhere… featured reads for every type of child.  The toddler and I ran around snapping pictures of books we wanted to add to the library list as well as some…ahem… accessories.

The toddler and I left with a fabulous list of must reads for her next library visit which I hope to make sooner, rather than later!  So if ever at a loss for what to read, I suggest hitting up your neighborhood bookstore and check out what’s new!  You’re sure to find something ooooh-la-la!

Oh and if you haven’t discovered it yet, the Queens Library lets you reserve books online with your library card!

Au revoir!  Until next time!