Random Ramblings

Why do doctors become idiots once the line between their specializations overlap? Even if I didn’t have high-risk pregnancies it infuriates me that once I become sick, my OB/GYN and my general practitioner both point fingers at each other. It’s as if neither wants to take responsibility if something goes wrong. As if I don’t have enough things to worry about, now I have to think if either have mine and my baby’s best interest in their suggested care.

I do believe in the power of good customer care. I appreciate when my pharmacist, at Super-Target, sees me and remembers that I am pregnant, even if she doesn’t know my name. She does work at Super-Target of course and probably sees thousands of people each week. I love my manicurists, even if they weren’t such a deal, I’d still go to them because they remember my name and are always so nice.

Sometimes friends disappoint. Its funny how friends you expect to hurt you, won’t and the one you don’t expect, will. But also how friends can surprise you. When you give a person the benefit of the doubt, you might be surprised by how great they really can be.