quinny yezz_Side.jpgUmbrella Strollers are pretty much all the same, minus a few details here and there.  Everyone always winds up with one at one point or another when you have kids.  Why?  Well it’s really one of the most practical things you’ll own as a parent.  There really isn’t much to ooh and ahh over except maybe the fabric choices… until now.

Just in time for the busy summer travel season, I recently had the chance to check out the revolutionary Quinny Yezz.  It is truly the lightest compact stroller on the market, coming in at a teeny 11 pounds!  I have to say, because all umbrella strollers were pretty much the same to me, this one definitely made me really think about what one wants in a compact stroller and did I mention it’s a looker?


  • Only 11 pounds, made of IXEF material, a high performance injection molded composite fiber
  • Truly compact and absolutely perfect for city living.
  • You can throw it over your shoulder.
  • Such a smooth push with the use of innovative skate wheels.  You can literally push it with just one finger with ease.


  • Does not recline. That said, it does have a comfy hammock like seat
  • Very minimal storage

I think a stroller than is compact and lightweight, makes it absolutely perfect for travel.  I can already picture taking it on vacation, racing to the airport gate, heading down to the pool, navigating a busy tourist site with ease.   It’s also perfect for city living.  I imagine needing to make a quick run to the drugstore and plopping child in quickly and go! Maybe even just to pick up a sibling from school down the block.

The Quinny Yezz is perfect from 6 months + to 40 lbs (a 3-4 year old) and retails for approximately $279.99.  Made from the same material as Parachutes and Kites, this super strong and durable seat is available in 6 different colors – Blue Loop, Yellow Move, Blue Track, Grey Road, Red Signal and Purple Rush.


Quinny is giving (1) lucky Mom Confessionals reader a chance to win one of their revolutionary Yezz.
You must answer the following question: “What color Yezz would you stroll in?” to be entered.  You have several additional entry options if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  ALL ENTRIES ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET.  Good Luck!