PREGNANCY DIARY: Call Me Rebel for Causes

Photo taken by C.C. Chapman
Photo taken by C.C. Chapman

Week 29, Bedrest Week #4 – If you have been following my Facebook, twitter (@momconfessional) or Instagram feed, you know that I am obviously not the most compliant patient on bed rest.  I think I have the most awesome excuse though.  I was honored to have been invited to be a part of the United Nations Social Good Fellowship held in Washington DC for the past few days.  As you all may remember, back in August, I was part of a movement called Blogust, a highly successful campaign, thanks in part to many of you for each comment you left on my post that each received $20 donation, raising over $200,000 to vaccinate children in under developed countries around the world.

Dinner with Her Excellency, Amina Ali, Ambassador, Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Africa Union.  Photo by Teddy Ruge.
Dinner with Her Excellency, Amina Ali, Ambassador, Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Africa Union. Photo by Teddy Ruge.

Part of the Social Good Fellowship’s goal was to continue that conversation as we’re so close to eradicating diseases like Polio (99.9% , only 0.1% left yo!) and we need to keep the momentum going.

This weekend in DC, I have had the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with and engage in dialogue with amazing people like Her Excellency, Amina Ali – Ambassador, Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of the Africa Union (seriously the coolest title ever!), Victoria (Vicky, cause we’re cool like that – she tweeted me!) Esser – Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Sona Bari – Communications Officer for the World Health Organization (WHO), Josh Nesbit – CEO of Medic Mobile and Hope Phones and so many more who are changing the lives of many all around the globe for good.  We discussed everything from the continuation of vaccination programs that give a child a “Shot@Life”, to interests in Maternal Health that effect so much more than just the life of the mother, and initiatives that take simple things like clean stoves that we take for granted, but can improve the quality of life for entire families.  So my doctor and baby will have to forgive me, but this was just not to be missed.

Because I want to give each of the organizations and speakers their due respect, you can read over the next few weeks, as I highlight each of them and the amazing work that they are doing.  I wish I could join them all on the ground, and some day I will, using their gifts to change the world.  Until then though, I will tell you all about their call to actions and ways you and I can help right from our own comforts of home.
65747_10151496693940159_1400392736_nI know many of you are still worried about the baby and me, but the amazing staff at the UN Foundation made every effort to ensure that I was comfortable.  I sat on pillows, rested whenever I can, barely walked anywhere thanks to my husband who generously played “chauffeur” for this trip. I cannot forget Lexus for lending us the beautiful RX350 F Sport so I could travel in style for this amazing experience and HTC for the Droid DNA equipped with Verizon Mobile Hotspotting keeping this blogger online the whole trip.  Now I am back in bed, kicking up my feet and being a good patient once again.