31 weeks and counting, 5 weeks of bed rest (that’s it!?!) – I’ve definitely got cabin fever.  I have not left the house since the little man got released from the hospital for little more a few doctors visits.

Some would say that’s a good thing, I’m being a compliant patient and for my husband, I have been most productive this week lying in bed.  I’ve checked many things off my TO DO list.  At the same time, just as fast as I’ve checked things off, I’ve also added to the list just as fast.  Isn’t that just so annoying?   Might you have kindly noticed, while I did an overhaul of my blog last week, I procrastinated on fixing one little annoying thing, the background of my logo.  I know, such a silly little thing and yet, it was a whole ordeal for me.  It meant I had to get out of my bed, down to the playroom, two floors down, where I had carved myself a small little corner called my office.  Doesn’t sound so hard right?  Unfortunately, I am convinced the more I lie in bed, the worse my Pubic Symphysis Separation is.  My husband says its all mental.  I’m still calculating every step I make out my bed.  It’s all about multitasking for me.  A trip to the bathroom may involve also a refill of my water pitcher, a drop of laundry into the laundry basket, emptying of the garbage can and refilling my snack supply.  I know, priorities.  So a trip down to the playroom office meant I needed to make the most of that trip too.  Alas, through the miracles of internet shopping, I combined on my trip down two flights of stairs, an organization project that had me parked comfy on my playroom couch for a few hours and then a quick load of my iMac to fix that pesky logo on my site.  Yea, it only took me a couple of days of planning to get me down there.

tf1  Speaking of TO DO lists and internet shopping, I was quite proud of one preparatory purchase.  I started to notice that many of Little Miss A’s classmates were losing their first toothes.  She was coming home almost daily with a report on who just lost a tooth and who had a loose tooth.  There was much chatter about the tooth fairy and who was going to lose their tooth next.  Oh yes, stimulating conversation for the 5 year old set.  When I told my husband, I could see he was mourning the days of her as a baby as he said hopefully, well she got her teeth in really late, maybe she won’t lose any for a while.

Still feeling the shame of a Valentine’s Day pinterest project showdown, which I lost (did I mention this was all in my own head), I was determined, with the new baby on the way, not to let another momentous occasion get lost.  After all Little Miss A, is and still always will be my baby.  While I couldn’t get my crafty on, the one thing I could do, while on bed rest was internet shop.  That I did on my favorite site homemade site, Etsy.  A quick search for Tooth Fairy pulled up a myriad of ideas, some bleh and others, just WOW!  I finally settled on a beautiful Tooth Fairy pillow by Sew Happy.  While I bought the pillow just on the design of it in the thumbnail, it was so much more than what meets the eyes.  It was a complete experience!

tf2The shop owner, Karen, really went out of her way to make a whole to do about it. She asked me about my daughter, if she had lost her first tooth yet and if she could ship the package in her name.  I was amazed by the lengths she went to for just a simple transaction in my mind.  I was thrilled to go along for the ride and yes, Ava did get her very own package from the tooth fairy in her name.  But it didn’t end there.  When the package arrived, it was adorably stamped with “A Package from the Tooth Fairy” sticker.  I expected her to open the package and just see the pillow inside, but there was more!  It came with a  2 minute timer (just the right amount of time to brush those pearly whites!), stickers, a toothbrush from the Tooth Fairy herself as well as a personalized letter with a delightful story I don’t want to spoil for you.  My girl was over the moon and getting more and more excited about her first loose tooth.  While it still is hopefully a whiles a way, it was nice that I was able to have this special moment with her before the craziness of the new baby comes and let her know that I wouldn’t miss any of them.  Oh and of course throw in a little reinforcement about oral hygiene.

tf3Oh and because once you Etsy you can’t stop, check out these adorable tooth charms I found as well.  How cute would this be for my girly girl.  Every time she loses a tooth, I will string one for her and place inside her tooth fairy pillow along with the going rate of a 5-spot.  I love the small touches :0).

So after this delightfully heartwarming moment with my little A,  I had a moment with the little man, where I was literally smacking my head.  After being fever free for 4 days, convinced we had finally kicked this Flu viruses butt, M suddenly spiked a 104.6 fever.  I was literally besides myself and couldn’t help but panic.  Within an hour, I was at the pediatricians office, trying to figure out what was going on.  Our pediatrician must have thought me over-reactive when he asked what led up to this and I could offer little more than, he wanted to cuddle for the last couple of hours and then he just spiked about an hour ago.  Yes I work fast.  While he tested negative in the office for the flu, we were not convinced as all the symptoms were the same and we ruled out an ear infection and pneumonia.  It was probably still the early stages, having only just begun an hour or so ago.  Did you know that you could get the flu again?  I didn’t know.  But I guess if there is more than one type, yes, you can get them all.  Who knew!?!  Yes, so I am literally smacking my head since my son has been essentially quarantined in our home since he left the hospital.  Two days later and we are still battling the stuffy nose, congestion and raging fevers again with ibuprofen and acetaminophen around the clock, with the added symptom of chills which sends my in laws into major panic mode.  I feel like I have to talk them down a ledge each time he has an episode as they think he’s on the cusp of having a seizure again and if I turned my back on them for a sec, I think they’d run out the door with him and straight to the hospital. It’s not their fault, we’re on edge too.  The husband and I haven’t been able to sleep a wink at night and of course the little man is back in our bed again.  We religiously check his temp as often as I check my social media channels (and that’s often!).  He’s such a good sport, even in a deep sleep he seems to position himself just for a check.  We’re quite sure at this point, if tested, he’s positive again for the flu, but the treatment wouldn’t be any different as he already finished one course of Tamiflu just the other day.  It’s never dull in this house, even on bed rest.


If you haven’t heard, on Tuesday, March 5th at 1PM EST, I will be co-hosting a twitter party  with @CDCFlu@theMotherhood, @CooperMunroe and @EmilyMcKhann discussing the important of getting the Flu vaccine and how you can continue to protect yourself and your family.  I hope you’ll join me in discussing this very important topic.

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What: How long is flu season? When is the best time to receive the flu vaccine? What are healthy flu-fighting habits to teach children? We’ll be answering these questions and more during this informative Twitter party! The Motherhood is joining the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their mission to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health. Join us to share and listen to helpful health tips for your family!

When: Tuesday, March 5, 1 p.m. ET (the party will last one hour)

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