Pop the Corn!

TheShiningOne thing you’d never think you’d hear out of my mouth… I found a FREE hour!  Yep!  It’s Daylight Savings Time people! We’re gaining ONE whole hour this weekend!  So what are you going to do with this freebie?!

It’s the perfect time to catch up on your favorite series ON DEMAND or watch that movie you never got around to seeing in the theaters or even just watching an oldie but goodie! What a stroke of good fortune that Daylight Savings Time coincides with Halloween for those who want to prolong this holiday, indulge a bit more in those candy stashes and SCREAM! Or maybe you want to check out THE SHINING.  Verizon FiOS has curated an incredible collection of movies, just click ON DEMAND > COLLECTIONS > FRIGHTFEST and watch at your own risk!  Want to keep in theme, but not want to check under the bed later… maybe a little Harry Potter might be the better choice!

fios-movie-nightThey have tons of movies deals ALL the time! Just starting at $2.99 every Friday, using your remote, press ON DEMAND > FiOS Movie Deals > FiOS Movie Night and of course their ON SALE section!

Don’t forget each movie purchase earns you 200 MyRewards+ points and 50 MyRewards+ points for rentals!  I just love their BUY option after renting too! I’m a big fan of trying before buying and the idea of doing so when renting a movie is just awesome!  Sometimes you watch a movie and it just speaks to you and for a bit more, you can OWN the movie!

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador.  I have been a long time FiOS customer, since the very first day it came into my neighborhood 6-7 years ago and have never turned back!  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }