Photo Wall 1-2-3 with HP & Walmart! #WarmUpYourWalls

IMG_20131007_190845_379Our family has long ago outgrown our home.  We’ve been slowly searching for the perfect place to call home and to truly make our home.  Part of the fun of house hunting definitely has been checking out how people decorate their home.  I especially love gawking at how other families choose to display their family photos, my favorite being the photo walls.  I have to admit our current home has never truly felt like “our” home.  I tried to put some warm touches like photos hung in the playroom and makeshift photo wall on our staircase.  While they were nice attempts, they were half hearted and of course now I know thanks to a few tips from TV personality and interior designer Genevieve Gorder, I’ve been going about it all wrong!

Part of the challenge has been that making photos perfect enough for wall hanging took time.  I had to choose the image, then have it printed and then find the perfect frame.  For a person of instant gratification, the process took too long and my interest would have long faded by the time I got through the first step.  Thanks to a collaboration between HP and Walmart, you can now print gallery worthy prints for your walls as quick at one day and starting as little as $30!  You can even get mounted photos in under 1 hour!  My absolute favorite has to be the Multi-Panel photos starting at $36.  It’s such a designer look without the price tag. Genevieve’s first tip was simply getting those photos off the computer and printed – consider that DONE!

I don’t know about you, but photo walls are intimidating.  While I attempted to go for a very casual cool layout, it well, fell short of cool.  I did do one thing right!  I included some non-photo accent pieces like the adorable crab art from our trip to Jamaica.  When we do finally move to our new home though, I am armed with the tools to create the most eye pleasing photo wall.
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  • Start by printing out your favorite images in all sorts of shapes and sizes
  • Start from the center out
  • Remember to BALANCE the images on the wall between color and size
  • Don’t be afraid to include ornamental items as well.  Does not have to be all images.  Include photos or framed artwork, souvenirs, etc.,



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