Our Top 10 Finds for Baby from The New York Baby Show

There is a new baby on the block! At least there will be in a few weeks. After having been out of the infant game for several years, the thought of starting all over can be a daunting one, especially when it comes to what products we will need or want to raise our little one. If there is anything I learned from my first two kids, it’s that baby products are always evolving and improving. Likewise, what worked for one child, may not work for another. That’s why my husband and I were eager to check out all of the new products and services that were showcased at the New York Baby Show which took place last weekend in NYC.
Located in the heart of New York City, the New York Baby Show is an annual event that was held at Pier 94 this year and had everything you could possibly think of when it comes to your child’s needs. We went in with a goal of seeking out products and services that would be ideal for our growing family, as well as new parents. This included products that were practical, space saving, buzz-worthy and multifunctional for infants as they grow. There were over 200 exhibitors at the New York Baby Show and while there were numerous products that are worth mentioning, here are 10 products/services (in no particular order) that left a lasting impression on me (and my husband).

1. Ergobaby 180 Stroller – This was one of the products that I was most looking forward to checking out at the show this year. Ergobaby has always been one of my favorite companies and both of my older boys lived in there Ergo carriers for years. This is one of the many reasons that I couldn’t wait to check out the all new Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller. Going for practicality, style, and versatility, Ergobaby seems to have hit the mark with this product. It is compatible with many infant car seats, making a separate snap and go unnecessary and allowing the stroller to be useful from birth. It is also, lightweight, easy to use, and allows you to have your child facing you or away from you without having to remove any seats. The Ergo 180 is certainly a stroller that I’d love to see my little one enjoy.

2. Summer Infant Baby Pixel Monitor– We went through several video monitors with our second child, as none of them seemed to work quite the way we wanted them to, and certain monitors had a lot of interference with their connections. What I loved about the new Summer Infant Baby Pixel™ 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor was the full color screen and night vision camera as well as the SleepZone™ Virtual Boundary which provides parents with an enhanced level of safety – especially when one’s infant has curious older siblings who can potentially disturb a restful sleep. Expect an even more detailed product review in the near future.

3. Newcastle Classics Swaddles and Hooded Towels – I love soft, comfy swaddle blankets and Newcastle Classics had just that. From super soft hooded towel and wash cloth sets to muslin blankets and swaddles, the patterns alone had me swooning. Newcastle Classics are elegant looking, and perfectly cozy for your little ones. I almost wish they made these blankets in adult sizes too!

4. Waterwipes – I struggled to find baby wipes that were perfect for sensitive little behinds when I had my other babies, so when we stumbled upon Waterwipes I was very curious. Made with 99.9% water, these wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and perfect for your infant’s delicate skin. Waterwipes are soft, thick and durable enough to handle anything, and I love that they come in many different sized packages. They can now easily be found at almost every retail store that sells baby wipes.

5. Chicco Fast Asleep Playard – One of my favorite brands for all things baby, we are already big fans of their super-safe, reliable products. So, when my husband and I were introduced to the new FastAsleep™ Full-Size Travel Playard we were certainly impressed. This Playard proved to be compact with all of the essentials built in. It has a newborn napper, that quickly changes into a full-sized changing table and is super simple to fold and travel with. This playard is also great on space, which is important for city living or living with other children, especially when you’re trying to limit the amount of used space for a standard pack ‘n play. Chicco products have never steered us wrong so I expect nothing but a sturdy, safe product with this playard.

6. OXO Space Saving Drying Rack– While on the subject of saving space, I must mention an interesting product that I discovered from OXO called the Space Saving Drying Rack. This drying rack is compact, efficient, and perfect for those looking to dry their baby’s bottles, bottle parts, and sippy cups without cluttering the countertop. The Drying Rack looks tiny but packs a big punch.  It’s big enough to dry several items at once, yet small enough to fit neatly under cabinets and out of the way. It also has a removable tray and base which makes it very easy to clean when needed.

7. Love To Dream: Swaddle Up – I had one baby who loved to be swaddled and one who loved the challenge of breaking free from all swaddle blankets. This constantly had me concerned about the possibility of his face getting covered by the loose blanket. This is one of the reasons why the new Swaddle UP™ Original seems like the ideal solution. These swaddles come in different sizes for different stages of infancy and babyhood. The Swaddle UP™ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows your baby to sleep in the arms UP position, which is a favorable position for babies. The Swaddle UP is also perfect for those who struggle to achieve the perfect swaddle as there is no blanket wrapping involved. I also love how easy it seems to change a diaper with the 2-way zipper on the Swaddle Up. This looks like a must have for both new and seasoned parents looking for an easy solution to swaddling. I think that this is a product that will make both parent and baby happy.

8. Diaper Dekor – We have used other brands of diaper pails in the past but they never seemed to meet ALL of our needs. Aside from the smells that seemed to permeate after several diaper deposits, we had an older child who could easily access the messy inserts which is as unpleasant as it sounds. What I like about the Dekor Diaper pail is the simplicity of use, the self-closing lid, and of course the OdorKeeper™ Trap Door. It also boasts a child-proof button and a child-proof cutter. While my two older kids are past their toddler years, this is a great feature to have when there are other curious children in the house, regardless of age.

9. Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair – We used this with our last baby, (who is now five years old and still currently using his Tripp Trapp as a chair), so I thought it deserved to be mentioned. This sturdy, durable, desirable, and functional high chair literally grows with your baby, and parents will certainly get their money’s worth from it.

10. Noobie Box – The trend of box deliveries has taken over and this box delivery for new moms and babies really stood out to me. Beginning with pregnancy, Noobie Box sends mommies-to-be a free, no strings attached pregnancy gift box, filled with samples & a “Noobie Guide” with information and offers towards a year long subscription. You then have the option of subscribing to receive 4 more boxes throughout the first year of your baby’s life (at birth, 4 months, 7 months and 9 months) that contain approximately five useful products which are geared to your child’s expected milestones and needs. I love to promote local businesses, especially when they are practical and clever, and the Noobie Boxes seem to fit that bill.
I can’t wait to test out some of these products (and some of the other neat things) that we discovered at the New York Baby Show his year. With the impending arrival of another MomConfessionals baby, you can rest assured that there will be lots more baby talk to come!


{disclosure: In exchange for this unbiased post, my family received admission to the New York Baby Show.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }