#OTCSafety : Up and Away the Meds Go!

June is National Safety Month and the CDC, along with the PROTECT Initiative, of which the CHPA Educational Foundation is a member, is launching #MedsUpAway program.  When I first was invited to join the OTC Safety Ambassador Program, I thought it was such a perfect fit.  As a nurse I understand the importance of OTC Safety.  I am the one in my family that monitors all the medications, eliminates expired medications much to the chagrin of my husband who, as soon as I toss the expired antibiotic, needs it desperately, despite it being over 3-4 months past due.  As much as I’ve tried to explain it’s dangerous to use expired medications, it doesn’t seem to get through to him.  Although today I thought of a clever point to make, he won’t eat any leftovers that has been sitting in the fridge for more than a day, why would he take a medication that is over a month or more expired?

Just to show you are always learning new things, even as a parent, I was not being as careful as I thought I was about OTC Safety.  Beyond safe disposal of expired medication, is also safe storage of medication.  Our family, was guilty of leaving many daily used OTC medications right out in the open, easily accessible to curious little hands.  We have been more than lucky that nothing has happened due to our major safety oversight.  Aware and smarter because of it, we have moved our medicines, Up and Away into our kitchen cabinet.  Just because I’m a little neurotic, we’re taking it one step further and installing a cabinet lock to make sure even the most curious and adventurous child of mine can’t reach them.

Check out how my family made small changes for a safer home.

For more information and tips on how to keep your family safe, visit OTCsafety.org and follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/OTCsafety.

{ disclosure:  I receive compensation for my participation in the CHPA educational foundation’s OTC Safety Ambassador program.  However, the content and opinions in this post are my own. }