The One Shot Hot Shot, the Canon Rebel SL1

I’m often asked by friends and family, as their so called camera expert (I am no expert by the way), which camera would I recommend as they venture into the world of DSLR.  I have to say, I often cringe when I’m asked.  I know friends and family are expecting photos like mine when they are asking for recommendations.  If I were to be completely honest with them, I’d tell them just owning a DSLR doesn’t make you a great photographer… but who am I to discourage a little exploring and who knows?!  They may be the next camera expert!

They often ask me what camera I shoot with and I’d redirect them to how I started shooting.  In my humblest opinion, you should earn the right to use a better camera.  I only recently upgraded to the 7D and even then I wasn’t sure I was ready to make the jump.  I started 9 years ago, shooting with a Canon Rebel XT (the model might be wrong, it’s been that long).  This was at the very beginning of my road to becoming a parent and a much loved gift from my husband to send me on my way. I shot so many pictures with that camera, I wore off all visible lettering on the camera.  I LOVED that camera.  I learned everything about shooting with that camera.  I was also, initially, of the mindset that I would instantly get beautiful pictures just by owning a DSLR.  I was quickly taught that was not the case.  Instead of just being disappointed, I set out to learn everything I could about my camera.  Along the way I learned tips and tricks, but it was hard. I remember wishing that my camera could just know what to do and when to do it.  When I met the Canon Rebel SL1, I was BLOWN away.

This little dynamo, little because it is the lightest DSLR on the market to date and dynamo because it is packed full of features that any amateur photographer can take it and create amazing photos!  I got a chance to take it for a true spin and decided to rewind a little and play amateur photography.  Would you believe all these photos were shot on AUTO!?!


This is my little Luca, waking up on his 1st birthday.  I wanted to capture the moment he woke up as a 1 year old!  Look at that smile!  Look at that hair! Oh and of course the beautiful color and sharpness of the photo in a dimly lit blue room.

Lucas1st-140401-111Our 1st Birthday shoot for Luca, taken outdoors on a cloudy day.  I think it even started to drizzle during the shoot but look at the colors!  POP POP POP!

Lucas1st-140322-13At a friend’s birthday party, I wanted to capture all the details her family went into to celebrate this special little girl’s birthday.  This was in their dimly lit dining room, but it captured all the color and details so nicely on AUTO!

Lucas1st-140322-19At this same party, I spent much time chasing this little one and capturing photos of a moving child is HARD to say the least.  The sharpness of this perfect shot is amazing! Not to mention the lighting was captured perfectly.

This camera has become THE camera I recommend to anyone who wants to start shooting with a DSLR.  It is LIGHTWEIGHT, less than 1 pound!  This camera is perfect and will go anywhere with you.  My biggest regret with my 7D is that I often leave it home due to it’s weight.  That leaves many memories that I have lost capturing.  SCENE INTELLIGENT AUTO is the bomb diggitty!  Many of my friends who ask me for camera recommendations want great pictures of their kids.  Shooting them is like trying to shoot a moving target and photos can be a hit or miss even for the most advanced photographers.  I am often fumbling between setting up shots from a race to finish line photos.  It’s nice to just let go and know your camera has got you covered.  When you’re ready to get a little more advanced, this camera has all the tools to get you on your way. If you don’t know the lingo, in SCN mode you can tell the camera exactly what you are shooting for a little more control. Are you shooting kids, food, by candlelight, nighttime, oh my – nighttime without a tripod?  Is it daylight or cloudy or are you shooting in terrible fluorescent lighting? The SL1 will set itself up for your perfect shot.   I love the TOUCH SCREEN.  Such a nice touch and bypasses the many intimidating buttons on the camera body. The PRICE is also pretty amazing.  At Christmas time, I found it for $499 with their awesome 18-55 lens included.  It’s a real steal for those wanting to dabble in photography.

When making a camera recommendation to friends I’d like them not to be disappointed and with the SL1, I know they will capture those moments they will treasure without regret.

{ disclosure: I received a Canon SL1 on loan.  That means I had to give it back.  You can imagine the tears.  Even though I have the coveted 7D, I wouldn’t have minded having the SL1 in my arsenal to capture all those moments I don’t want to miss without the baggage. }