One Direction: This is Us Review #1Dmovie

PressThere are just some things I love about being a blogger.  This time I got to share a little of my world with my god-daughter a One Direction fan and her beautiful mother.  Here is what they had to say:

One Direction started out getting their feet wet in The X Factor and having Simon Cowell take them under his wing on a complete leap of faith. Since then they have sky rocketed to stardom while still being able to keep their humble family roots 21/2 years later.

Normally, well known for the thrill and the chase of controversial topics, here Morgan Spurlock embraces a softer side while creating this documentary titled “This is Us”. Blending together concert performances, interviews, archive footage, pranks, sprinkled with celebrity cameos we see the band for who they truly are. Five normal teenage boys making daily sacrifices to keep a loyal connection to their ever growing and expanding fans.

Although the boys are definitely homesick, the movie provides a glimpse as to how stardom impacts their families as well. From Harry and Liam’s tearfully expressing how much they miss the boys. To Zayn’s mom weeping on the phone as she tours her new home courtesy of her superstar son. Tugging on empathic heartstrings of all moms in general.

Whether it’s fan based furry from the UK, America, Mexico, or Japan the persistent presence of social media feeds will continue to thrive and push the band forward. Allowing them to achieve great success down the road as we anxiously await for more to come.band1 band2 Morgan