Oh Twitterverse!

This post was originally dated May 6th, 2009. Now that @MomTalkRadio made it public news and my tweeples who’ve been paying attention know, why not you too?!

I am so unbelievably happy! I want to tell everyone I know! I want to call everyone and just share with everyone! I can’t contain it! DH just text me that he’s so happy too but to keep it quiet for a little while (knowing our history) – but I want to scream! I did a little happy dance! Skipped around my house… giggled… I’m so deliriously happy, I can’t contain it! I should mention that when I received his text I was on the phone with my sister doing exactly what he said NOT to do… sharing… because I can’t help it! He did stop the chain though because I was thinking in my head, who do I call next?!! who who WHO?! That’s right Twitterverse, we’re having a BABY! Yea!!!! I want to save this moment forever! This is the best moment ever! Why you ask?! Well because I was totally not expecting it! We had been trying for a few months and despite the many ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, nothing happened. In fact, to my knowledge I completely didn’t ovulate at all last month! I was so depressed I actually allowed myself to indulge in (2) sangrias in the past week. I NEVER drink, EVER! I haven’t had a drink in YEARS! Although with the learnings I’ve had in my Human Growth & Development Lectures, those two drinks are making me a little nervous… But I am going to be good as GOLD from this point on and pray pray pray that this baby is okay and will make it. I just can’t believe it! I was totally shocked! After thinking I completely didn’t ovulate at all last month, I was depressed. I thought my cycle was completely out of whack again. I had all these wierd twinges and of course my retroverted uterus diagnosis looming in the back of my mind. So I’m thinking… sigh… another month goes by… I totally dismissed my late period thinking, wacky cycle. I even dismissed the bouts of nausea to my MIL’s bad cooking or a documentary mostly filmed by a handheld camera or bad restaurant food. Then this morning, I’m thinking I’m a total freak, wearing a “pad” for the any minute now period for over a week… I’m thinking WHAT IF?! OMG WHAT IF?! I talked myself down, it’s just a wacky cycle, don’t get your hopes up… when did this happen if it did? I always knew the conception dates, how could I not know this time?! I’m thinking I’m totally crazy, but what’s the harm in taking a test… if it’s negative, I should have known it since I didn’t ovulate at all last month… if it’s positive, it’s a miracle!!! It’s a MIRACLE! I can’t believe it! I’m still in total disbelief! I’m glad I didn’t have that cup of black tea this morning and I’m glad I didn’t start the 30-day Shred this morning. Sorry Jillian and Tracy Anderson, it’s gonna be a while before I join you… I am good as GOLD from now on! I’ll be super careful and make sure everything goes well. So shush! It’s a secret! If I can’t tell my friends and family, I’ll tell my Tweeples!