DEALS & STEALS: New York Mets Experience #MetsMoms

206If there is anything to know about me and my family, it’s that we are all huge sports fans.   As a matter of fact, when I began dating my husband, one of the first questions he asked me was “what baseball team to you root for?”  We both enjoyed growing up as Mets fans so much that we even had a Mets themed wedding cake.  So it was no surprise that when we had children, we would both decided to do our best to expose them to the excitement of baseball.

When we had our second child this past year, we thought about the logistics of dealing with two kids at public events.  Especially with our little one being only 4 months old, we wondered if taking him along to a Mets game would be too much, or whether or not our 3-year-old son would be easily bored by the 7th inning stretch.  What a relief it was to know that Citi Field is well equipped to handle our little family and entertained everyone from the littlest kid to the biggest guy in our crew!

Our morning began at the Fanfest play area where our toddler eagerly hit baseballs off a tee in the mini baseball field.  He was thrilled to see himself on the mini scoreboard and had a blast “running the bases.”  He kept shouting “this is so much fun, Mommy!”  He was wide-eyed when he got to shake hands with Mr. Met in person and couldn’t wait to go see the players warming up.

My husband was all too eager to get his little boy a foam finger to wave during the game, which he proudly did.  We all loved the Shake Shack burgers, which have got to be the best hamburgers in any stadium around the country, and my little man enjoyed cheering his team on throughout the game as well as singing along to ‘Take me out to the Ballgame.”

233As a breastfeeding mother, I was most nervous about being able to feed my infant at the game.  I was pleasantly surprised to have my fears alleviated when I stepped into the Caesars club to look for a quiet place to nurse my baby.  There were large, comfortable couches and semi-private areas that I was able to take my baby and sit comfortably to feed him.  The atmosphere there is very family friendly and I saw many mothers who were able to do the same.

I really appreciated the employees at the park who continuously gave my son high fives and cheered alongside him.  He was so excited to see other people as enthusiastic about the game as he was.   The Mets organization went above and beyond to ensure we were having a great time.

My family and I go to Mets games because we have a strong love for the game, and for our home team.  I must say, it is such a wonderful  feeling to know that the Mets recognize their fans and accommodate them in such a way that families of all ages can thoroughly enjoy their time spent at Citi Field.   My three-year -old son even got to run around the bases in the Mets Dash at the end of the game!  You always know when an organization is doing something right when your kid exclaims “I can’t wait to go back there again!” before you even make it home from the game.


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