REVIEW: Breastfeeding success with NUK & Larrivo

{ disclosure : was provided samples of nuk breastfeeding products and a Larrivo dress to facilitate this review but the opinions expressed here are always my own }

I’m a little late with my post for national breastfeeding month.  Okay, VERY late.  My excuse is that it’s breastfeeding month every month in my household.  I’m loving the fact that with each child, I’m learning there are more and more products out there really supporting a mom’s choice to breastfeed.

I was recently introduced to Nuk’s line of breastfeeding products and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were extremely high quality product underneath their plain unassuming packaging.  Nuk’s Gentle Flow Ergonomic manual breast pump is a must have for any on the go mom.  Their silicone cushion (breastshield) is super-soft and molds perfectly to the shape of my breasts.  This is the first hand-held BPA-free breast pump that I’ve seen that has adjustable suction strength which is perfect  for those who also use an electric pump at home.  I can see leaving it handy in the car for those unexpected longer trips.  Included with the pump is one store ‘n go bottle with nipple ready to go!  Additional BPA-free Store ‘n Go breast milk containers can be purchased separately in a 3-pack for $12.99.  I love their thoughtful inclusion of a blank field for entering date and time of milk expression.  My only wish — for all hand-held pumps in general — is that they would have included a carrying case.   The Nuk Gentle Flow Ergonomic manual breast pump retails for $44.99 and is available nationwide.

I’ve always considered breastfeeding a green thing to do with the reduction in formula purchasing, packaging, etc.,  But for the power nursing green mom’s, Nuk also has has reusable machine washable nursing pads.  A little stiff right out of the box, but after a wash they are soft and super absorbent with a waterproof layer for extra leakage protection.  At $4.99 for a package of 6, it a great deal!

By now I’d like to think I’m a pro at the whole breastfeeding thing and trying to regain some normalcy and sense of me again.  I’ve gotten pretty good at multitasking and now am a little more put together than the disheveled me in the earlier days of my son’s infancy.  It’s always nice to remember you’re a woman and a desirable woman at that.  Never wavering from my commitment to breastfeeding, I still want to feel like more than just a meal and that’s where Larrivo comes in with their chic line of nursing attire.  I love their tag lines, for the bedroom and beyond… in my son’s case… yum yum! and celebrate the arrival… of me!  Larrivo‘s nursing attire  is made from luxurious fabrics with 4 way stretch, with their patented NurtureBra Support System gives firm support without constriction. The built in nursing bra is easy to open with its clever hidden snap closure.  Surprisingly affordable at $62 for a tunic and $79 for a dress, it’s an affordable way to still be a nursing mom.  I’m nursing in style now!