Nokia Lumia Double Take #VZWBuzz

If you’ve been following my story, you’d know that I’ve become a born-again Windows girl.  Yes I took a decade detour over to Apple land, but now I have returned.  Those in the Apple bubble might be surprised to realize a majority of the world still functions in a Windows world and I’ve rejoined the masses much to the delight of my PC loving husband.  While no one will contest that the Nokia Lumia’s camera is second to none, here are some other NIFTY features I love and I’ve discovered on my Nokia Lumia:

  1. lumiaIf you’re a PC guy or gal on Windows 8, Windows Mobile is no different.  Call it seamless transition.  Tiles on the desktop, tiles on the phone!
  2. They play nice in the cloud.  From your windows phone to your windows desktop, everything is in sync thanks to SkyDrive.
  3. One of the biggest wish list items for all phones and mobile devices has been MS Office compatibility and no one plays nicer than the makers themselves, making Windows phones the most compatible of the bunch. It’s not a converter or a viewer, its true genuine MS Office.
  4. We’ve loved the Smart Group Shot when it first debut years ago, and now that feature has gone mobile, taking a combination of shots to combine the best elements of all and create the best looking image.
  5. Remember the days when corporations were diehard Blackberry users because of the complete functionality of exchange server compatibility?  Meet the Maker!
  6. The Nokia Lumia natively integrates Skype  meaning that the Skype app connects with the phone dialer, a feature that is not present in Android or iOS.  Shocking isn’t it?! and soooo cool at the same time!  My sister loves being able to Skype with her boyfriend across the pond without the bill to boot!
  7. This is a super social phone!  Let’s think about our iPhones and Android phones… when we take a picture and want to share, it’s not a simple click.  You’ve got to go through all sorts of hoops to get it published.  Not only can you take pictures and share them instantly across your social platforms but you can also tweet and Facebook with ease!  Not to mention Outlook plays nice and allows you to add your contact’s social media info in as well!

Things that make you go hmmmm….

{ disclosure :  As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger, I received a Nokia Lumia to play with, and play I did!  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }