Getting Jiggy with the Nokia 928 #VZWBuzz

nokia-lumia928-veriz-white-main-lg[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Come on and get App-y![/pullquote]

One of my hardest challenges to overcome when switching to my Nokia 928 Windows phone was not just a lack of apps, but compatible alternatives to the apps that I have grown to love and rely on in both Android and iPhone formats.  Yes, I’m a creature of habit.  I like what I like.  I was thrilled to discover that more and more apps are becoming available each and every day.  While I do have to caution, not all apps are created equal, and while some may appear as official… they are not.  Why does this matter?  Many of them ask for your permission to not only have access to your information, but also to share it.

In its official (certified) app the following rock:

Better alternatives to some of my favorites:

  • Facebook for WP8  – yes, the Facebook interface on the Nokia 928 does a lot, but not all.
  • MeTweets, much better than Twitter with much more functionality or
  • Rowi

Still Missing from the line up:

  • Offficial Instagram app, so we use 6tags or Instance
  • Official Pinterest app.  Really?  Seriously?

Since the highlight of the Nokia 928 is its camera, here are some awesome camera apps that will really make your Nokia 928 shine:

  • Aviary – We love this app because it is super easy to use and allows you to easily share your images across all your social media platforms.  What I love most is that it can correct (most) blurry pictures into something is worthy of printing! and it’s FREE!
  • Apict    $0.99/FREE is great if you love that old school Polaroid feel.
  • Thumba $0.99 – if you love filters, this hasover 70 filters and effects!
  • ProShot $1.99 for the professional photographer
  • Handyscan $2.99 that allows you to scan documents and download it later as an image or PDF.  Just WOW!

So what am I missing?  What are some of your favorite Windows phone apps?