New Year and a #NewYou with @JCPenney

8R5A1947Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt!  My husband has been pushing me to go to the gym.  Before everyone gets in an uproar, it’s not that he was thinking I’m fat, rather just out of shape.  I was always tired, unable to do much.  My muscles were always so tight.  So a little gym probably wouldn’t hurt.  It even might make me more limber and tone.  With Luca being our last, I could no longer hide behind the baby excuse.  While I’m definitely no cow, it still hurt to look in the mirror.  3 cesarean sections did not make for a pretty tummy.  Instead I have an ugly keloid which I fondly call war wounds to my children, stretch marks and a not too pretty muffin top.  I haven’t felt love for myself in a long time and in light of my recent health crisis, I knew I couldn’t ignore my own health anymore.

When I got the invite to dance with Karina Smirnoff of the famous Dancing with the Stars, I decided I was just going to have fun with it.  Having tried Zumba and failed miserably at it, I didn’t have high hopes for keeping up with the amazing Karina, but armed with the cutest active wear from JCPenney’s Xersion line, I thought why not just have a little laugh with it!  I buy a LOT of active wear for a girl who doesn’t work out, but at the amazing price points of the Xersion and CityStreet lines, it’s doesn’t hurt my wallet!  They have some amazingly cute, comfy gear which really moves with you. Even if I can’t dance, at least I’d look super cute!

8R5A1817Did you have a good laugh? All in all it was an amazing experience!  I was glad that I just went with it.  Karina looked fit in JCPenney’s Xersion and CityStreets Activewear lines as she led dance classes and juiced healthy treats with JCPenney’s Bella High Power Juice Extractor and Magic Bullet Blender.  I surprised even myself, when I kept up with Karina and her routine.  I left feeling completely inspired to get fit and focus on a NEW ME!  I tried every one of Karina’s inspired juices and discovered they didn’t taste awful at all!  I walked away wanting to find more ways to get fit and healthier.

A day later, while feeling the effects of our dance as promised by Karina, I started a cleanse and am surviving!  Let’s keep this momentum going!

{ disclosure :  I received a complimentary workout outfit and an opportunity to dance with Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars.  As always all opinions expressed here are my very own! }