Neurotic as Ever! – My Baby #2 Wish List

Of course I should be studying, instead I’m thinking about all the new baby stuff I want to get now that I am finally pregnant.  I’m analyzing everything from all the latest BPA free bottles on the market – debating glass or plastic.  Trying to wean what lessons I can from my breastfeeding experience and how I can improve on it this second time around. Doing the cloth diaper debate in my head.  Just like my old feeding sampler set, I wish there was a cloth diaper sampler set.  Buying each set just to “TRY OUT” just doesn’t seem economical at the prices they’re asking.  Anyone have any comments on the new Bambino Mio system? I like the 200 flushable disposable inserts for $13.  It lies on top of their cloth diapers to collect “solids” for tossing into toilet – genius!  I guess once my exams are over I’ll have to pop over to Giggle and check them out. I really do love the Apple Cheek covers though and I’m hoping either the G-diaper inserts will fit… or these fab MIO inserts will work with any cloth diapering system.  It would be a perfect compromise for a mom who’s always on the go.

I’m definitely leaning towards using the WeeGo baby bottles now that the BPA controversy is settled. I can’t seem to stomach microwaving plastic to sterilize, even if it is BPA-free.  Granted the bottles on my retail site were all staples in our home when Ava was bottle fed.  I have to admit I didn’t even know about BPA until Ava was about 2 months old. When I had to return to work 8 weeks after she was born, we had an incredibly difficult time getting her to bottle feed. After trying every bottle at Babies R Us, she of course liked the most expensive of the bunch at the time, Dr. Brown (which does have a BPA-free version now).  I remember them being such a pain in the ass to clean, too many parts. It was the bottle of choice though and we went with it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I must have microwaved the bottles or even heated it in hot water.  I don’t even want to know how much damage I might have done with the BPA bottles.  One mom clued me into the BPA issue and I was horrified.  I started hunting for BPA-free alternatives immediately and one thing led to another and that’s how GREENBABY-NYC was born. We first used the Adiri bottles. I of course, a design buff, loved it’s non-traditional and funky design. Plus they claimed to be most like breast, perfect for a breastfeeding mom, I now know they all claim to be most like breasts. Unfortunately although they were much loved, our grandmother-aged, non-english speaking nanny could not figure out the bottles for the life of her.  I also didn’t have the language capacity to explain to her correctly how to heat, clean, sterilize and fill the bottles. So we moved onto ThinkBaby which became her bottle of choice and used Green to Grow Regular bottles when I pumped. It was a perfect balance and my nanny appreciated a more “traditional” bottle.

Now with Baby #2 on the way, and all the bevy of new bottles on the market, I’m reexamining my options and wondering which one will fit best with our lifestyle.  Of course the other question looming in the back of my mind, are we having a BOY or a GIRL!? I’m just dying to know!!! I know it will be several more weeks but I can’t wait… it will definitely make shopping more fun.

I’m also eying the new Medela breastpump – the Freestyle.  Not that mine is in bad shape, although it’s definitely gotten more than it’s value in usage, I think I deserve a new one.  I am such a sucker for technology and product improvements. I’m totally digging it’s much more portable size and it’s digital readouts.

Another toy I want! The Itzabeen timer. I’ve been wanting one since it came out. I remember carrying around my little notebook like a crazy woman, charting every pee, poop and feeding.  I’m hoping this little gadget will make me a little less uptight, although I’m sure DH is thinking probably not.  I do think I am more relaxed this time around.  I think once you’ve gotten one successful pregnancy under your belt, you feel almost like a pro.  I know sometimes it’s not a good thing and I do have to really think about unnecessary risks.  Like that sneaked bited of DH’s rare prime rib the other night — tsk tsk tsk! It tasted amazing!  This pregnancy was so unexpected, I really hadn’t had a chance to do my last rounds of sushi and steak , both of which I will miss DEARLY! I like my steak RARE, really there isn’t any other way to eat it in my opinion. When it’s cooked — why bother?! So buh-bye steak! I think this time my after-birth meal request will be a nice big fat prime rib medium rare. With Ava it was a tray of sashimi — scrumptious!