Navigating any terrain with Mamas & Papas Cruise

I didn’t know this when I first became a parent, but I know now that an umbrella stroller WILL become a part of your gear.  Of course like any new parent, we checked out every snazzy little stroller system, purchased one for each child and loved them… but when asked which was our favorite “go to” stroller?  That would be our umbrella stroller, the Mamas & Papas Cruise Lightweight Stroller.

Determined to get good use out of our stroller system, we used it all the time and even once dragged our first stroller system, the Maxi-Cosi Quinny on an airplane to the Bahamas.  Not only did it get quite dirty in cargo (where an investment in a stroller bag might have been useful), it also incurred some damage in transport.  Although we never figured out exactly how, but the mechanism for staying open, was never the same again, having collapse with baby strapped in, several times.  If we could chalk that up to a fluke, there was the parent juggle of luggage, carry-ons, diaper bag, infant and one not-so-lightweight stroller.  Maybe taking a stroller system abroad wasn’t the smartest idea.  On a road-trip that might be more feasible, but even in hindsight, an umbrella stroller is just smarter.

When I first laid eyes on the Mamas & Papas Cruise Lightweight Stroller, I was in love.  Putting aside the fact that it was rumored that Hugh Jackman had recently purchased a couple for his kids, those pinstriped lines were SEXY.  When did I become that mom that gets turned on by high-designed baby gear?!  Oh please, it was always in me.  Weighing in at 16lbs, this stroller is easily portable with shoulder straps and a compact fold.  It has most standard umbrella stroller features but also includes more intuitive features such as its canopy window and pockets for parents.  It even includes a toy loop for baby’s favorite toy.


  • love the full recline of the seat
  • pockets in the canopy are genius for those quick runs.  I can stash my wallet and keys easily and we’re off!
  • the toddler handle is genius.  how is this only coming to the US now?
  • toy loop is just another intuitive thought by Mamas & Papas
  • front and rear locking wheels
  • adjustable leg rest


  • I wish the mechanism for recline was more like the Mamas & Papas Sola.  The seat doesn’t sit as upright as the toddler would like.  She is constantly sitting more forward than the seat back.  The infant doesn’t mind so it could be a preferential thing.
  • This may be an individual, isolated issue as well, but my cup holder keeps falling off in storage.  The toddler handle has no problem staying attached but we’ve now lost the cup holder…. somewhere….
  • There is no cushioning for the straps.  While napping in his snug ride, the infant has sometimes wound up with a little red marking on this neck from the rub of the straps.

At $269.99 and available at Babies R Us nationwide, this is the best all around stroller.  It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Mamas & Papas Voyage, but those are mere luxuries.  You already get so much from the Mamas & Papas Cruise.  This was the perfect companion for our siesta in Mexico.  It took to the streets of Cancun with ease.  We didn’t attempt to take two strollers with us and happily so.  The cruise was the perfect stroller for the trip.  Ample room for souvenirs and other goodies, the toddler happily skipped along side the stroller hanging onto the toddler handle.  She loved it so much and prefers hanging onto that so much more than mommy or daddy’s hand.  If the toddler needed a rest, it was an easy switch.  With baby in one arm, I was still able to easily maneuver the stroller with the other.