My Scrub Love with Landau Uniforms

Scrubs are a part of my life. Working in labor and delivery as a nurse or even on the floor as a nurse practitioner student paired with my lab coat, I love and live in my scrubs. I love that mentally I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing that day. It’s a simple functional uniform that makes things super easy for this busy busy mom, student and nurse.

Unfortunately in my RN role, I am often in the operating room and with that I have hospital issued scrubs which are not the most comfortable. They are stiff, rough and often incredible itchy. They sometimes give my colleagues and I rashes from the harsh detergents they use or lack there of (autoclave cleaned).

Luckily, in my student NP role, and hopefully soon NP role, I get to choose my uniform and comfort is key. I absolutely love Urbane by Landau scrubs. The very first time I slipped on my Urbane Motivate V Top and Endurance Cargo Pant, I just melted in the silky softness of the material. These certainly were not my hospital issued scrubs! We are talking silky softness your favorite scrubs might achieve with hundreds and hundreds of washes but right from the get-go, it just drapes like a fine silk. When you’re wearing something for 11+ hours, you want them to be comfortable.

Function is equally important and Landau certainly knew pockets were important. I love all the pockets they added including that one extra little one on my scrub top, perfect for things like extra pens or even some pocket change not to be mixed with medical supplies I need to keep close by. Roomy scrub top pockets that can hold everything from notes to alcohol swabs or a piece of emergency candy. Huge pockets on my cargo pants are awesome. My neck is very sensitive and wearing my stethoscope around my neck can pinch my nerves sometime. The huge cargo pant pocket was perfect for me to slip my stethoscope in and still have it reachable if need be.

All that is great, but style is equally important. Since I get to choose my own uniform as a (student) NP, a little form fitted slits and waist darts keep it elegant and functional. With an increasing clinical load, I’m loading up on Urbane scrubs in a variety of colors to get my through the busiest of days with patients and on the floor! Landau makes several brands of scrubs and while my particular favorite is Urbane, if you’re looking for classic scrubs you can look under their own brand or more trendy fashion cuts with Smitten.  All can be found at a variety of online sites or in stores.  To locate the nearest Landau stockist, visit:


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{ disclosure: This was a sponsored post by Landau, a veteran and favorite in the uniform fitting business. It’s always fun adding a little style to your work uniform with Landau! As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }