My Not so GREEN confessions

Ending Earth Week on a BANG…

  • I failed at composting.  I could have bought worms, but they gross me out.
  • DH started collecting rain water to water the lawn and plants and the microbiologist/germaphobe in me is thinking about the bacteria brewing is sitting water… even worse… the potential mosquito family that might inhabit there soon.
  • I tried cloth diapering and the best I can do is a hybrid – gDiaper inserts with BambinoMio covers.  at home ONLY.  cause I’m lazy.  and I don’t want to carry a stick around with me.  I will TRY again.
  • Looking at my basement I realize we’re pack rats.  We could be worse, but I see a lot of waste.
  • I never turn off my computer because waiting for it to boot each time is annoying and I’m on it every 5 minutes anyway.
  • Yet leaving a charger plugged in without something charging annoys the crap out of me.
  • I’ve still got a bottle of bleach in my house when the GREEN cleaners just don’t quite cut it.
  • I do so much laundry everyday, I imagine it’s not very green.  Will I hang my laundry out to dry?  NOPE…
  • My DD litters… it’s a horrible phase I’m trying to rid of.
  • I try to always go green but if the price is too high, I have more of a tight budget than room to be green.
  • My daughter fills her bathtub way too high with water… to go swimming of course.
  • I buy a lot of reusable grocery bags and have yet to use them on a regular basis.  I argue that we need the grocery bags anyway for garbage bags.  It’s green because we don’t buy garbage bags.