My Inspiration, My Love #ForAllYouLove

This Mother’s Day Johnson & Johnson is celebrating the selfless and unconditional caring of caregivers, including moms, and all the ways they care for those they love.

Ava13To spread this message they asked me to share a tribute to someone I really love and inspires me.  This tribute is to my daughters, Emma and Ava.  For those who have loyally followed my blog, you’ve shared in my loss of Emma, my first daughter who died August 23, 2006.  She was how I came to blogging.  First she was my inspiration to share everything I was learning as a soon to be first time mom, later as a therapeutic way to heal past the pain of losing her.  I wrote about all the jumble of emotions I felt, how different people affected me.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to go on.  It was because of Emma, that I decided to become a nurse. It was in my darkest hours, that I remembered the kindness of the nurses that helped me.  I remember lashing out at everyone, crying in my shower, collapsing on the floor in tears when no one was around.  I also remembered my first appointment at my obstetrician after she died.  I dreaded that appointment.  I didn’t know what the appointment was about.  I remembered walking into the office and the air literally being sucked out of me as I was greeted with a room full of pregnant women.  Almost immediately a nurse was as my side, escorting me past the waiting room into an exam room, smiling at me and making small chit chat.  When we got to the exam room, I remember catching my breath and letting the tears flow.  Without skipping a beat, the nurse passed me a box of tissues and got me a glass of water and just sat with me.  It was a simple and small gesture that meant so much to me and inspired me to later become a nurse.  This was the gift that Emma gave me.

shower two19I got a second chance to be a mom when Ava was born and I embraced it with everything I had.  She was the child we waited so long for and she continues to amaze us at every turn. She is all the sunshine our family need on any given day and I’d like to think that Emma is watching over her little sister from above.  Being her mother, a mother is such a gift and I wanted share this gift with others.  I’ve always equated nursing to be an extension of being a mother.  From the nurturing and caring to the love and empathy I can show my patients.  This change of career was and always will be the best decision I ever made, next to being a mother of course.

To Emma, who would never be forgotten and my Ava who is the light of my life — you both are my inspiration and my love.

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{ disclosure:  This is part of a sponsored campaign by Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood.  Images by the amazing Jane Goodrich Photography }