My Greener Nursery

m_nurseryA true labor of love, my DH built this magnificent furniture piece for our soon to arrive son, Marcus.  The story behind this piece of furniture starts with a pregnancy fraught with problems.  I had a pre-existing history of difficult pregnancies, placing me in the high risk category and this one was no exception.  Following our amniocentesis, our son was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal deletion where little or no information was available.  Already on pins and needles embarking on this journey again, this news devastated our family.  Subjecting ourselves as guinea pigs, we under went one genetics test after another with excruciating waiting times for results, seeing specialists after specialists, genetic counselors, doctors, etc.,  We researched databases across the globe, had (one-sided) shouting matches with google for not giving us the answers we needed.  Somewhere in the midst of this, thanks to the advice of a good friend and doctor, we took a new perspective on things.  Stepping back from the situation we realized this was a path not traveled yet because this technology, the information they were giving us, was so new and recent, we would never get that absolution that we desired.  While one could get angry for being the guinea pigs in this experiment, and we definitely had our moments, but at the same time I felt okay with all the tests and adding to the databases.  I hoped that the information they were getting from our tests would one day help another family going through the same situation and they would not have to hear they were alone in this group — at least there was one other family that this had happened to.     Feeling that comfort, DH and I decided that we were continuing with this pregnancy regardless and changed our attitudes.  No longer was our son a “maybe”, he was a “definite” part of this family.  That afternoon I allowed myself to pull out some of the “boy” things I had collected and put away and began planning the nursery.

I found it hard to find the right furniture pieces for the room and instead opted to design what I felt was ideal for Marcus’ room.  My DH was happy to oblige and in a show of solidarity and put on his tool belt.  What resulted was beyond even my wildest expectations.  Built with reconstituted and FSC certified woods, this built in wall cabinet housed 4 deep drawers with plenty of room for storage and clothing and 2 shelves to be filled with toys and books.  We chose to paint the room with Benjamin Moore’s Natura Zero VOC eggshell paint in Splash and used the same in semi-gloss Arctic White for the furniture piece and trim.  On one side of the top of the furniture piece we placed his Naturepedic’s 4-sided contour organic changing pad, recycled an old wooden CD carrying case – because who actually uses CD’s anymore – into his toiletry tray containing cloth diapers, lotions and other baby essentials all within reach.  bass On the other side, I fondly call the pumping station, sits my well-loved and used for over 2 years, sometimes as much as 8-12 times a day, Medela Pump In-Style Breastpump with newly purchased tubing and accessories.  Recycling at its finest, we salvaged an old lamp from a friend who was redecorating switching the bulb for an energy-efficient one, sorted out any gender neutral clothing and toys that his sister might share and washed them in Ecostore’s Front Load Laundry Powder.  Ava’s friend Jake generously donated his Stokke Sleepi crib having moved into his big boy bed, along with his bedding.  We purchased a gorgeous gently used glider off of Craigslist.  Ava’s bassinet turned toy chest and coffee table, made a slight functional change.  The coffee table remained much to DH’s relief, but the toy chest was converted back into a bassinet, rubber footing attached to the base, fitted perfectly onto of our bedroom bureau drawer with a brand new custom organic Naturepedic bassinet mattress.   Ava’s no longer fitting Yankee’s baseball cap sits a top the shelf waiting for Marcus to one day fill it.