MOVIE REVIEW: Top Gun Maverick

Wow! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve last posted, but definitely getting back into blogging has been on my mind a lot lately. With that, a plethora of topic ideas dancing around in my head and stories at every turn, it was time to return. So much has happened since my last post which was right in the middle of the pandemic. But… I’ll dive right in and start with something fresh on my mind a – MOVIE REVIEW.

First of all, I know I’m weeks late into seeing this movie, it now has topped a BILLION dollars worldwide in revenue, but life was happening, and going to the movie theater wasn’t something I had time to do. I’ll admit that I was sent a link to a bootleg copy of the movie (which, shockingly I didn’t even know still is done!). The reviews out there are NOT wrong. It was amazing. Nostalgic. I’m definitely going to see it in a theater now because it deserves just that.


A huge part of me thinks you may need to be a fan of the original TOP GUN movie to really understand the flashbacks and the many scenes that are reminiscent of the original but the storyline is standalone and will be highly appreciated by the fans of the original. Heart-tugging scenes included Maverick (Cruise) riding on his motorcycle with the fighter plane flying overhead, Rooster (Goose’s son) playing and singing Great Balls of Fire like his father, Val Kilmer reprising his role as Ice Man, and of course, all the spectacular aerial combat scenes. I definitely missed Meg Ryan, but hey, the infamous Penny (Connelly) mentioned in the original, makes an appearance and the story comes full circle.

Without giving too much away, I was skeptical. All remakes or sequels years later have not ever wowed me. I saw the reviews, even Rotten Tomatoes with 96% approval and I was still skeptical. My parents, who saw the movie when it first came out, RAVED about it, but we are not of the same movie tastes as you can imagine. This is coming from a closet Tom Cruise fan! My two favorite movies of all time are TOP GUN and Cocktail. I really didn’t want to ruin it.

But GUYS… it’s GOOD. So GOOD. I cried.

There was just enough nostalgia, but a strong storyline that can standalone. Fans of the original will love how much the storyline is reminiscent of the original but also with a twist that still makes you captivated.

I am going to watch it in the theater this weekend, I’m going to buy a copy on Fios when it comes out. Yeah, I pretty much loved it.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here: