Getting Back to my Tech Roots with the Motorola Droid Razr HD

moto_razr_hd{ Disclosure: As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Blogger program, I received a Motorola Razr HD to review. As always, all opinions are my own. }

Once upon a time I use to be known as the “Tech Diva”… In my circle, I was the gal in the know, the one who always had the latest and greatest gadgets.  I could code in my sleep.  Designing websites was my idea of fun.  I even missed my adorable c:/ prompt commands.  Somewhere along the line as I veered more towards the graphical elements of design, I lost my way.  I became a cookie cutter Apple gal with my Power PC, my iMac, my Nano, my iPods, my many generations of iPhones and iPads.  My husband on the other hand, was a die-hard PC guy.  He couldn’t believe just how complacent I had gotten, how I had conformed to the mold Apple had for everyone.  Where was his girl who use to hack into her cell phones just to make cute little graphics appear on her home screen? The girl who use to read DOS like it was a novel.

As a social media mom, I have reviewed several different types of phones, but always went right back to my iPhone.  Perhaps it was the non-committal way of my reviews.  Each phone came with its own number and service plan, so I didn’t have to commit and really become one with the phone.  As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger, I’ve had to embrace my new phone and really get down and dirty with it.  While it was a bit of a learning curve for this decade+ old Apple user, I’m starting to really groove with this phone.


  • despite my fears, Android actually has all my favorite social media apps
  • Bringing over most of my content from my iPhone wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, thanks to the Verizon Back-Up Assistant.  All my contacts were right where they needed to be.
  • Loving the highly customizable features of this phone.  I can set different notifications modes for individual actions like incoming texts and new emails.
  • loving the fact that I can have widgets that actually tell me things.  Gone are those one size fits all icons.
  • Loving all the Google integrations.  Different from my iLife where everything Apple talks to each other, I can actually talk to my husband’s tech tools now.  Finally we have a family calendar we can both work off of!
  • Love Google Now and all the cards that are personalized for me.  Now I can check out scores from my favorite teams, watch my stocks , get weather updates and my favorite restaurant recommendations.
  • Love that I CAN control sound without unlocking my phone.

CONS (or maybe I just haven’t learned how to work around these challenges yet)

  • I wish I could access the camera with a password locked screen.  Currently you have to unlock the phone first or not have a password locked phone
  • I wish G-MAIL and my other email accounts could appear in ONE inbox.  Currently it runs off two separate programs which really has me scratching my head.  My husband still can’t explain this reasoning to me.
  • While this is the Razr HD, I was disappointed with the quality of the camera.  Great pictures are a hit or miss.  This camera does not do well in low light with pictures often coming out noisy aka grainy.
  • Out of the box it wasn’t up to date with the latest Jelly Bean OS, but at least it was upgradeable and now I am happy with my Instagram Video capabilities!

Everyday I’m learning a little bit more about my phone, more ways to really make it my own.  I think me and my Droid Razr HD are going to have a lot of fun.