Motorola Droid Mini: Just For Me #VZWBuzz

1456034_10152046528635159_2072769127_nDo you remember all the hrmmms I had about the Motorola Droid Razr HD?

Where’s my camera from the main screen?
What is up with the camera?

While I am still wondering why I can’t just have ONE inbox, let me tell you, the Droid Mini feels like it was literally made for me.  I have been on the fence between iOS and Android.  I was definitely starting to warm up to Android but iOS was just second nature to me.

This all changed with the Droid Mini.  It was literally love at first power up!  Let’s break it down shall we?



  • The whole FACE unlock this is TOO cool.  Some people think it’s a bit of a novelty, but I just love not having to enter in pin code after pin code.  After all I do check my phone about 500 times a day!
  • The little TOOLS group right front and center! Yep, I’m a bit of an apps addict and yet access to my most frequently accessed tools right on my main screen is priceless.  I literally just look in my settings super quick for exactly the name of the facial recognition password aka FACE unlock.
  • I don’t have to unlock my phone to get to my camera!  Which is so awesome even though I have the equally awesome FACE unlock.  Yes I can be that impatient sometimes. Although I have found some interesting pictures on my phone now that my kids no longer need a password to access the camera too!  Check out the photos take with my Droid Mini in this post!
  • Even greater for this social media mom… the camera is AWESOME!  The pictures are great even in low light!  It’s like someone read my post and said, hey I think you’d like the Droid Mini.  Which I don’t… I LOVE IT!
  • The SIZE, it’s perfectly sized for my hands.  I definitely, while I loved the size of the Droid Razr HD, it was a little large for me to hold comfortably.  The Motorola Droid Mini fit perfectly in my hand that I don’t mind the smaller screen size.  After all, bigger isn’t necessarily better!  For those who insist, the Droid Ultra is practically the same package phone in a larger size.  Although there is something to be said about the Droid Mini and it’s exclusivity to Verizon Wireless, the best wireless carrier in America!

What I do need to start playing with is the new Touchless Control feature.  I had no idea what it did, but now that I do… I can’t wait to try it out!  Stay tuned!

{ Disclosure: As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Blogger program, I received a Motorola Droid Mini to review. As always, all opinions are my own. }