SPOTTED: mOmma Rocks!

Anyone who knows me, I am a sucker for good clean design and when my partner at Trumpeting Media, Nancy Johnson Horn, introduced me to mOmma Technology, a new line of baby products recently acquired by Lansinoh, I was ga-ga.  I was immediately drawn to its clean, almost futuristic sleek lines.  It came as no surprise to me that it was designed in Italy.  With Marcus’ just turning 2, we had already outgrown much of their product age range, but the sippy cup ($10.99) was something we are still using.  And what fun it is!  It’s almost a dual purpose with its fun wobbly roll as entertainment.  Perfect for little hands, it still stands upright to maintain hygiene. 

Another innovative product from the line we love is the warm plate ($12.99).  If you have a toddler, you know what a challenge it can be to have them sit through a meal and often the food goes cold in the process.   The plate is divided into two compartments to separate different foods so that baby can experience various tastes.   It is also built with a special rubber coating to assure perfect adhesion to the surfaces of tables and high chairs, so no more tipping or spilling!

Parents love well thought out design, Thanks mOmma! We’re totally diggin your designs! The full line of mOmma products are available online at and