Momma, Gordon!

Today was one of the most exciting days of Ava’s life, she got to meet Gordon, the Sesame Street dad, as he promoted his new partnership with as Chief Storyteller. If I can admit, I was completely skeptical. The idea of my child (age: 20 months) using yet another piece of technology, an ipod, wasn’t something I was too keen on. I already felt a huge compromise in letting Ava watch Sesame Street on a daily basis (sometimes more than once!), as far as quality children programming, it’s really the only one I’ll let her watch… and if I could hold off for a few years before she’s sucked into the world of DVD’s and video games… but after hearing about the concept and really thinking about our own family reading time with Ava, I think the idea is simply brilliant! I strongly believe that the sooner you start to instill strong reading/learning skills and the love for it, the better off they will be as they grow older. Ava loves to read and if I were to admit another failing of ours, we do not do regular reading time (before bedtime) like many parents do, instead she is the one who often grabs books off her shelves and brings them to us asking us to read to her. When I say, we read to her, its hardly engaging. I do recall once making a growl, after a referenced lion, which sent her into a fit of giggles and I realized that she really loves when books come alive. It’s not just about the pictures, but sometimes it’s about the voices and by her response, she loves it! turns your ipod (or any MP3 player) into a learning tool! You can download over 4,000 children’s audiobooks to read along or listen in a car ride home. The learning possibilities are endless. It’s not just about seeing the words on a paper, but also expanding their knowledge and word base as well as comprehension – there’s nothing more a kid likes to do than to recount a story! I’m excited for Ava to experience books through this already fascinating ipod that mommy has – if I can’t postpone the inevitable, I should at least roll with it my way – and hear stories read with a lot more enthusiasm than mommy can muster for sure!

As far as celebrities go, Gordon is the absolute nicest one so far. His passion for encouraging Literacy amongst kids is inspiring. Ava was so in awe she could only stare at him and whisper to me, “Momma, Gordon.” When I asked if she wanted to say hi, she shook her head with an emphatic yes… but when in touching distance she got shy – and blew her shot to ask how she could get on Sesame Street… hehehe!
Visit and download a free book – we definitely will!

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