Moments Like These: “A”‘s First Class Trip

There’s a little bit of me that is always living vicariously through my daughter.  Having missed some of the traditional family experiences as a child, its been almost a life mission to make sure my daughter never feels the emptiness that I felt growing up.

Just yesterday was one of those moments.  I had volunteered to be class parent early in the year, just another one of my lifelong dreams to be a Parent Association Mom, and one of the perks is first dibs at attending class trips.  Although only being in Pre-K, early on I was warned they don’t usually go on trips.  I was pleasantly surprised when they recently told me that they decided to take the leap and go on a class trip… to the FARM… and asked if I would go!  OF COURSE! Despite several weather-related cancellations and work schedule conflicts, nothing was going to stop me from missing this moment. You were hard-pressed to figure out who was more excited for the trip, me or “A”.  We talked about it every day leading up to the trip.

Of course I had my camera in tow to capture every tiny little moment from leaving the school, to climbing onto the school bus, capturing their arrival at the site and all the activities on the farm.  I was brimming with joy.  Yes there was a few mommy moments where “A” was acting out because Mommy was here, but all in all it was an amazing moment I will never forget and will forever be grateful I got to be there.  I loved being assigned my group, putting on their name tags and making sure they stayed with their partners, helping them to wash their hands, passing out snacks during snack time.  I loved watching my daughter interact and play with her friends, watching them in their school environment. Pinch me now, life is good and I love being a mom!