Medicines on my mind….

With cold season fiercely upon us in the wickedly cold NYC and our upcoming trip to warmer climates albeit another country… has me thinking about the fair amount of drugs my daughter has ingested since she was born. I am the mom who decided to wait on her newborn’s vitamin K shot until her visit with her pediatrician two weeks later. Aside from my daughter’s vaccinations, I was determined to avoided any chemicals entering her body. Her first impurity was that fateful day when she was 5 months old and was admitted to the emergency room. Really, when you get to that point of panic, its hard to say no to conventional OTC solutions and doctor’s recommendations.

While the choices are vast for adults, what are the natural alternatives for a world that cautions use of herbal remedies especially on children?

Gripe Water made primarily of dill or fennel and baking soda, treats Colic, Gas, Teething, Reflux and other stomach ailments.

Honey works better than most OTC cough medicines which have been pulled off of shelves for children under the age of 2 and not recommended for children under the age of 6. It is cautioned that children under the age of 1 should not consume honey due to risk of botulism.

A warm seasalt water nasal rinse eases cold symptoms faster and slowed cough and cold symptoms from returning compared to OTC nasal decongestants in kids ages 6 to 10.

To clear congestion? Nothing helps or comforts more than a nice warm steam for 10-15 minutes, so turn on the shower and steam away!

Mom’s stay-true remedy… Chicken Soup! Not only does it get nutrition into you little one, its soothing, warm and delicious. Studies have shown chicken soup (doesn’t even have to be homemade) reduces body aches, fever, and fatigue.

Reducing a fever is what sends every parent running to their neighborhood drugstore. The reality is when a fever onsets, it means your little one is fighting off an infection — which is a good thing, albeit a scary one. Try giving them a cool bath for 5-10 minutes. COOL, not COLD! Repeat every couple hours.

Simplest suggestion? REST and DRINK lots of fluids! So grab that favorite DVD, snuggle in and relax, sleep lots and before you know it, your little one will be good as new!

ALWAYS contact a doctor when your child:
• Is younger than 3 months old
• Has a fever higher than 103 degrees
• Seems lethargic
• Becomes confused, delirious or loses consciousness
• Has a convulsion
• Complains of stiff neck or headache
• Complains of severe pain in any part of the body
• Has difficulty breathing
• Has ingested poison

and if you feel like you should, just call. A mother’s intuition is always right.

If you’ve got a suggestion, let us know!