Measuring Up Safety 1st’s ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer

As a parent, we’ve gone through many thermometers over the years.  We’ve bought cheap ones to the very expensive ones, utilized ones that came free with safety kits… and the one that stuck and stood the test of time was our trusty Safety 1st ProGrade No Touch Thermometer.  What do I mean by stood the test of time?  I mean, giving accurate readings, easy to use, non-temperamental thermometer that I could depend on.  At one point I recalled using 3 thermometers, each one to verify the accuracy of the other.  Imagine the chagrin when all 3 gave distinctly different readings which could make the difference between waiting and watching or a trip to the emergency room.  Safety 1st has always been a trusted brand in our house and when we finally invested in our Safety 1st ProGrade No Touch thermometer ($59.99), I no longer needed other thermometers to reassure me of its accuracy and I appreciated that.  While it was definitely an investment, it was worth it.  If I calculated how much I had spent on various thermometers over the years, I am pretty sure I spent way more than $60.

When Safety 1st announced their new Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer, I couldn’t imagine what changes they could make to make it even better.  One of my favorite features of the No Touch Thermometer was that I didn’t need to wrangle an already agitated toddler and try to stick something in their ear.  This NEW thermometer, although an in-ear thermometer, takes a one-second reading, plus it talks!  It has a human voice read-out option, and the VersaScan can also be used to measure object temperatures, like food and bath water.  Other great options include: Fever Light™ Ring shows red for high temperatures, 30 memory recall for temperature which is great for neurotic moms like myself who don’t take temperatures just once (more like 10 times).   It arrived just as my monkey was feeling a little warm.  A quick 1-second reading and flashing red ring gave me 100.9 and a sad face.  Monkey had a low-grade fever.  I wish the flashing red ring lasted a bit longer, but that’s purely an aesthetic thing.  At $39.99, it’s not breaking the bank for a multi-function thermometer.

The all NEW Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer is available at Target stores nationwide.