Maximizing and getting the Best Deal on the iPhone 6! #VZWBuzz



If you haven’t heard, it’s all the buzz.  You can score the iPhone 6 for FREE at Verizon Wireless!  This is about the best deal in town (so much so, many others are copying with similar deals, but not with Verizon’s quality service!) especially if you have a much older iPhone, dare I say an iPhone 4?  I can certainly tell you that you won’t get $200 anywhere else even if it’s in MINT condition!

Things to know about this AMAZING DEAL:

  • You will fill out a form at Verizon’s Trade-In Program website by September 30th, where they will send you a $200 Verizon wireless gift card when you purchase any iPhone 6 at Verizon Wireless and trade-in any iPhone 4, 4s, or 5.  You get $300 if you trade in the 5S.
  • You can trade in any phone from any carrier, different trade-in values apply for other phones
  • The FREE iPhone 6 is a iPhone 6 -16GB, you can apply the $200 (or $300) towards the purchase of any iPhone 6.
  • You don’t need to be a NEW Verizon Wireless customer, existing customers qualify too!
  • This deal also applies to purchasing the phone outright (for those still holding onto their unlimited data plan like my Aunt. Her 64GB iPhone 6, set her back only $600 as opposed to the $800 retail price)
  • The Verizon Wireless electronic gift card (only received once Verizon receives your confirmed trade-in)  can be used to purchase additional accessories and/or pay your wireless bill.
  • You must purchase an iPhone 6 by October 15th.  Verizon must receive your trade-in no later than December 1st, 2014

Additional information on the iPhone Trade-Up program can be found at: Trade-in Promotion