Marvel at the Wonder that is “Marvel Day at Sea”

I distinctly remember my husband warning me, “You should never make a Disney Cruise your first cruising experiencing!” He was convinced that I would never like any other cruise experience if they had to live up to Disney and their magic. A Disney cruise was always my dream trip and if I was going to cruise, it was going to be Disney or nothing at all.

That said, I totally agreed with him for a completely different reason.  As much as Disney brought the magic and it was not a terrible experience by any standards, if you want to know Palo or no Palo, read my post here: (the answer is YES!), I was convinced that cruising (in general) might not be for me after our magical trip had me clinging to the ship floor the entire cruise. Seriously, at one point after dinner, I crawled off the elevator and just laid on the carpet with cruisers passing by asking my husband if we needed assistance. Of course, never a missed opportunity to poke fun at me, he told them that I had one too many magical drinks and I’d be fine. I had prepared for everyone to be seasick… except for me! Having been on boats and fishing trips, with never a hint of seasickness, I was sure that I could cruise like a pro. So even with bouts of amazing Disney magic here and there (Castaway Cay is seriously… awesome!), I wasn’t sure I could stomach another cruise.

My poor kids were crushed to learn that mommy wasn’t as cruise happy as they were (seriously, we’re over a year out and they still can’t stop talking about the best trip eveeeeer!) and they were particularly cross with me when my seasickness had me ending their night at the Oceaneer Club earlier than they wanted so I could go to bed. Why was this different than any of the previous nights on the ship? Because it was Super Heros Academy night and they had been signed up for it since embarkment day and anticipating it the whole trip. Yea, total PARENTING FAIL.

When they learned that I had been invited to learn about Marvel Day at Sea, you could see their eyes twinkle and the hope that my mind would be changed about cruising was written all over their faces. I, on the other hand, was thrilled to learn more, ON LAND.

I have to say if there was anything ever to make me reconsider, it would be Disney and they have really put together something to marvel. If you thought Disney Cruiselines couldn’t take it up any further, you’d be wrong. Whether you’re an adult or child, there’s a character (400+ and counting) that you can identify with or admire. I love that both my Luke and I share a love for Iron Man, obviously for 2 very different reasons (hahaha!). For Ava, we love our princesses but strong female characters like Black Widow give us much to look to. My Marcus is our very own, real life, Captain America, loved by all with a heart of gold.

Here are 10 REASONS WHY DISNEY’S MARVEL DAY AT SEA has to be on your next cruise itinerary.

  1. Marvel 24/7 – Need to brush up on your Marvel knowledge, Disney’s got you with round-the-clock marathon viewings of fan-favorite films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Iron Man, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  2. Watch Marvel TV animated series during OPEN-AIR Funnel Vision screenings! What’s that? You’ll have to see!
  3. WHAT?! If you’re lucky, exclusive screenings of upcoming movies (because they own Disney Enterainment, they can). Be the first to see Black Panther on opening night at midnight, on a cruise ship, at Marvel Day at Sea! Not many can say that!
  4. Marvel’s Avengers Academy in the Oceaneer Club is where it’s at for my kids. For young heroes-in-training, Marvel-themed games, trivia, activities and arts and crafts are the offerings throughout the day.
  5. Feeling a little left out? Brush up on the Marvel Universe during Marvel 101, an eye-opening, interactive Super Hero session for everyone.
  6. This is the LARGEST collection of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains ever assembled on a cruise ship. You’ve got Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Dr. Strange and many many more!
  7. If you’ve ever noticed, you’ve never had a character meet and greet with Iron Man, unless you happened to visit Disneyland Hong Kong. You’ll not only get to take pictures with Iron Man, you’ll also have the first opportunity to meet Black Panther on Marvel Day at Sea! IRON MAN!
  8. WAIT! You’re not just meeting Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, you’re PARTYING with them in a brand new deck party that culminates in a stunning display of stunts, themed pyrotechnics, lighting, sound effects! So suit up and meet me on the party deck!
  9. Only on Marvel Day at Sea, a mystical show inside the Walt Disney Theatre – Behold the power of the mystic arts with Doctor Strange—and join in a battle against the Dark Dimension.
  10. NOT JUST FOR THE KIDS – You know your inner Super Heros wants out, adults can dance the night away in Fathoms with Star-Lord and Gamora. Grab that cocktail, and let loose!

Who’s booking their next cruise?! I’m clearing my schedule, stocking up on the Dramamine (and taking it before embarkment) and hitting the high seas! Leaving directly out of New York, the Disney Magic hosts Marvel Day at Sea on seven- and eight-night Bahamian cruises departing on October 6th, 14th, 28th; Nov. 4th, 11th and 18th, 2017. Each departure includes a one-day park hopper and one-day at the exclusive Disney Castaway Cay island. To book your Marvel Day at sea, visit: or call Disney Cruise Line at 888-325-2500 or contact their travel agent.

Whether it’s your first Disney Cruise or not, check out some of our tips on how to prepare for your Disney Cruise: Disney Cruisin 101 and bring that Dramamine!

{ disclosure: I was invited to a press luncheon and received no compensation for this post. Ya’ll know we are a Disney-lovin family, and as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }