I’m Marching for Babies

With my integration placement at a NICU, it seemed fitting that I participate in the March of Dime’s March for Babies.  I was so excited to be raising money for such a wonderful organization that does so much to help both families and their premature babies.  I’m sure by now there is no need to tell my personal story, but now with 6 weeks under my belt in a level IIIc NICU, I have gotten to see first hand how much medical advancements have come to saving babies at a younger and younger gestational age.  They don’t just survive, they thrive!

The March for Babies was my first charity walk that I’ve participated in and felt personally connected with.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got there, but it couldn’t have been any more welcoming.   The excitement in the air was contagious!  There were people every where and they were all smiling and talking to each other, friends and strangers.  What made the walk even more special was participating with my two miracles.  I am completely grateful to Maclaren for sponsoring my family and providing a double stroller, their Twin Triumph, so we could make the walk together as family.   The bright red Twin Triumph was a stunner and garnered questions from many parents at the walk and I was happy to answer them as best I could.  What did I love most about the Twin Triumph aside from being able to seat two kids?  I have to say I loved that I still had most of my trunk space when it was folded up.  I haven’t seen the bottom of my trunk in ages.  That’s the beauty of umbrella strollers in general.  They are incredibly functional and portable.  I loved that it fit both my children, ages 16 months and 3.5 years comfortably.  During our VIP meet and greet with NY Jets player, Mike Devito, he couldn’t help comment that the stroller was “snazzy!”

For the longest time I was anti-double strollers but until you have two kids, you don’t truly understand how it sometimes can be a lifesaver.  Unfortunately my husband had a prior obligation with his job and instead of forgoing my commitment to the March for Babies and my many, many  generous sponsors, Maclaren swooped in and saved the day.  They made me a believer in double strollers.  Without the Twin Triumph I would not have been able to walk the 6 miles with two young children by myself.  It was such a smooth ride that both my kids fell asleep at some point during our walk unbeknownst to me.  I was happily chatting with the many friendly families along the walk.  At the walk I got to meet many of our NICU graduates and their families.  I was so touched by the stories and the love in the air was practically palpable.  There were many success stories, but we can’t forget the babies that were lost.  It was so inspiring to see the many families who gathered there that were walking in memory of their loved ones.  “Held for a minute, but in our hearts forever.” “Always our angel.”

Listening to their stories, I was so proud to be a part of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center Team.   The families at the walk couldn’t stop hugging us and thanking us all and meanwhile we were just fawning over their successes.  I couldn’t help thinking that I was so lucky to be working with such an amazing group of doctors and nurses who believe and fight for each little baby.  Each day I am in awe of them and the parents that sit incubator-side.  Every time one of my patients goes home, I cry a little because I’ll miss them, but am so happy that they get to be a family now.  I couldn’t have found a more personally fulfilling job.

While the total isn’t finalized yet, Cohen Children’s Medical Center raised over $30,000, with over $2,000 from my very generous sponsors.  Thank you for supporting a cause that is very personal to me!

If you want to learn more or even participate, their are walks still happening all over the country.  Please visit MarchforBabies.org for more information!