LG’s Drool Worthy Matte Black Kitchen, Not Just Sexy, but Smart!

Remember when stainless steel appliances was all the range?! Stainless steel was the must have, staple for a high-end luxury kitchen design. Move over Steel! LG’s exclusive Matte Black is not the plastic looking black of regular kitchens. This Matte Black is both stainless steel with a luxe & low-gloss matte finish that is super sexy!

We’ve been huge fans of LG ever since buying our first set of LG Washer Dryer. They were top of the line, super sleek in their design and sophisticated in technology. Over 10 years ago, I could get notifications on the status of my wash anywhere in the house from a remote console. They continue to push the envelope when it comes to smart appliances.

LG’s Matte Black stainless steel isn’t just beauty, but brains also. These smart appliances are wi-fi and voice-enabled. You can control your kitchen appliances remotely on your phone or simply by speaking. From changing settings to checking status, checking the weather from your fridge dashboard or turning them on or off, these smart appliances make life easier!

Right now, exclusively at Best Buy, purchase an LG Matte Black appliance package and save up to $350! Details can be found here: http://bby.me/ggpxp

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking kitchen redesign!

{ disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Best Buy. As always, all opinions expressed here are our very own. }