Lets go (Mr. and Mrs.) Mets! #MetsMoms

IMG_0853I have always said that one of my wishes in life would be to expose my children to as many exciting life experiences as possible. Being a #MetsMom has given me an opportunity to do just that. My three year old son has such a love for baseball that every game we attend, seems to be the best experience of his life. His face lights up the moment we enter Citi Field, and by now he knows all of the players’ names and positions! When we were given the opportunity to see the Mets play the Phillies this past Sunday, we immediately cleared our schedules for a fun day of Mets baseball.
My son also adores Mr. Met! At every game he seeks out Mr. Met’s location and his excitement goes up when he sees him walking through the stands. I cannot even tell you how overwhelmed he was when he had the amazing opportunity to meet not only Mr. Met but Mrs. Met as well (at an exclusive meet and greet) this past weekend. It’s so nice to be able to share such exciting moments with my kids, even if the baby may not remember much of it when he gets older. Days like this are ones we will cherish for a lifetime.
The Mets organization always has exclusive deals that are just perfect for families with children of young ages. The Mets organization makes going to watch games exciting for little kids. With multiple family bathrooms, the fan fest area, and child friendly food options, no detail has been overlooked. From the first pitch of the game, to the anticipation of the 7th inning stretch, and hopefully watching the Mets close out a win, my boys are all smiles all day long! Again, the Mets really know how to keep their fans tuned in to the excitement of the game. The adorable mascots who are always there to give high fives to the kids, are just an added bonus.
As we were leaving the stadium after a fun filled day, I was approached by a random woman who stopped me just to say “I have been watching you with your kids throughout the game today, and I just have to say it’s amazing how happy and into the game they are! You are a fantastic mother with them here.” Feeling both humbled and appreciative I left the stadium feeling so grateful for another wonderful experience courtesy of the Mets, and we can’t wait to get back to another game!