Let the dish toss begin!

On one of our many errand runs and Daddy’s guilty pleasure, a stop at the golf store (which I refuse to enter out of sheer boredom!), we admit to playing at Ikea… we played there for over an hour and I believe the other customers were starting to think we lived there… hahaha… I’m kidding. Of course I’m perusing the merchandise and wondering what swedish treasure I can sneak into my home this time… when my daughter hobbles over to me and dumps a bag of bowls into her stroller – the Kalas bowls… Upon further investigation, and my need to buy something at Ikea, I was more than happy to buy the Kalas bowls at the bargain price of $1.99 for 6 (SIX!). Made from recyclable Plastic #5 Polypropylene, they are BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe. I still caution on microwaving any plastics and instead recommend microwaving anything is porcelain and transfering to plastic containers if necessary – in our case, to feed our dish-throwing happy Ava. The also have coordinating utensils, cups and plates – still 6 for $1.99!

{ disclosure : self-purchased }