REVIEW: LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard Fun

IMG_1838You know when the iPad has become old news to your children that it must be pretty awesome.  While my kids are definitely fans, I think the parentals are the ones who are most happy with this new addition to our tablet family.  Our children’s screen time does tip on the more time than many would agree with but providing educational play is key for us.  With the iPad, my husband and I found complete lack of control over the content our children were engaging with and whether or not they are age appropriate for  them.  Our children span ages 2-8 and the games and content they engage with at each age category is so different.  My 5 year is definitely more into actionable games and characters which for my 2 year old may be overstimulating and not necessarily content I want him exposed to.  Imagine finding my 2 year old just randomly clicking videos on YouTube.  I’ve laughed at some of the content he’s clicked through to like an Israeli rap video in what I believe is Hebrew. Realistically we cannot patrol every tablet minute and often tablet time is time for us to take a breath and catch up or even just finish chores without interruption.  Which is why we love the new LeapPad Platinum.  Our children have grown up with LeapPad, having had the 1st generation and 2nd generation LeapPads but this newest version has stepped up its game. While still maintaining a LeapFrog branded look, it doesn’t look as “play” as previous versions did and definitely has my two older children fighting for their LeapPad Platinum time.

The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum got a huge upgrade with a 7″ hi-resolution (1024 x 600) multi touch-capacitive screen which definitely made it sit on par with their iPad.  The kids have been fighting each day for their turn with the LeapPad that you might be wondering how battery life is on it.  The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum boasts over 5+ hours of play and has a rechargable lithium ion battery. While we’re confessing, I admit our previous LeapPad models got forgotten once I ran out of batteries and forgot to purchase in a timely manner, lost in their playroom somewhere.  All my kids love the camera and video recording feature, taking selfies and recording each other being silly.

leapfrog_learningpathMy 8 year old has been using LeapSearch frequently, powered by KidZui, it is different than a tradition search in that it allows more for open exploration through featured content and categories. Sometimes she’s “too big” for the kiddie games and this more mature play is just her speed.

One super fun feature is its new integration with their Imagicards.  Using the camera on the LeapPad Platinum children can scan Imagicards and watch as characters from the cards come to life on the screen with fun games and activities for all age groups customized to whoever is logged into the LeapPad.  If your LeapPad is in need of a recharge, the cards themselves double as physical play cards as well with suggested games for continued play too. My kids are loving all the different branded games that come with Imagicards.  Lucas loves Paw Patrol and Marcus just loves his Teenage Munant Ninja Turtles.

I most appreciate the feedback I get from the LeapFrog Learning Path.  Each week I am updated, via email, on what games and activities my children have engaged in on the LeapPad, how long they have played as well as how many questions they answered and how many they got correct.  It helps me feel like a partner in their learning process as I can then choose activities and games that are appropriate for them. Also integrated into the LeapPad is a memory of your child’s progress in a game, and adapts the difficulty to your child’s own rate of learning known as Just for Me Learning. The wifi enabled tablet allows for more control.  I can upload games to the LeapPad platinum remotely and with password protected Parental Controls, I can control play times, features and access remotely or directly on the tablet.

All in ALL, we highly recommend the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum.  According to LeapFrog, it’s perfect for children ages 3-9 but many of the games are perfect for ages 2 and up. At MSRP of $139, this is sure to be a hit this holiday season!


  • I’ve often struggled with how much apps cost with the LeapPad.  Let’s be honest.  They are a lot more expensive than iPhone/iPad apps but I’ve become quite the frugal shopper these days and found an awesome deal on Amazon, and you must check back often, but you can find LeapFrog Digital Download Card for as low as $13 for a $20 card! I load up our wishlist and when a big sale comes around, like their recent 40% off sale (with code GAME40), I’m downloading apps at a STEAL! Always, ALWAYS, search around for a coupon code as well.  Make it a rule never to purchase anything without looking for a coupon code.
  • Also all games purchased can be downloaded on up to 5 compatible devices as long as they share the same parent account.
  • All games are backward compatible and work on all devices

{ disclosure:  I am a member of the LeapFrog Mom Squad and receive product samples from time to time for review purposes only.  No other compensation was received.  We have been longtime LeapFrog customers and as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! Affiliate links may be included above. }