Kid’s Restaurant Week

Have you been feeling a little uncool, out of the loop ever since you became a parent? Yea, me too. No more am I the in-the-know on the latest, greatest and newest restaurants in ever so hip NYC. Unfortunately my only association with any culinary delights is an indulgence in the late night TV of the Food Network. Thank God for Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence and friends! I dream of being a gourmet chef and every once in a while if I fancy a trip into the city’s many architecturally beautiful culinary sites, I get to pretend. Not to mention I fear becoming that uncool parent… so happily I squeal with delight in Cookie & Gourmet Magazine’s Kid Restaurant Week. Starting June 20-28th in NYC, some of my favorite spots including BLT Fish have opened up their doors at a kid-friendly time of 5-7pm with special menus priced for this economy – kids pay their age! Time to test their grown-up manners, Parents get to indulge in adult fares that don’t include chicken nuggets or mac and cheese (unless its got lobster or truffles in it) while their kids enjoy a taste of the good life Mom & Dad use to live once upon a time… Another reason to indulge is proceeds are given to local charities… check it out!