Keurig Cool with KOLD

keurig_kold_fantaOne of the best inventions in the world and in my kitchen is my Keurig brewer.  We love K-pods!  There is something for everyone in our house from the coffee addict dad, tea loving mom, to the hot chocolate loving daughter. But our Keurig brewer does more than fuel our daily hot drink needs, our Keurig is always the star of our get togethers. We always put together a festive “drink bar” with our carousel of choices, festive mugs and drink accessories. Our guests always loves the huge selection we put out from Irish coffee, hazelnut, french vanilla, earl grey tea. Like an office water cooler, its the hub for conversation and a memorable way to end an evening with yummy desserts and the perfect drink to accompany it.  No party is complete without our Keurig Drink Bar but there’s a new kid on the block…the Keurig KOLD and it is the epitome of cool… with a K.

It’s like having your very own… personal sized soda fountain in yourkeurig_kold kitchen. Always perfectly chilled to a cool 39 degrees, I had a hard time getting my family to believe this was a reality until they tried it for themselves — read my tip below.  There’s no fancy CO2 cartridges, everything is self contained in the KOLD pods with their proprietary carbonator beads


  • Ice cold drinks every time! TIP: No ice in the cup please, unless you place a bigger cup!
  • Portion control. 8oz is just the right amount for this mom
  • All the choices! Just like our Keurig Brewer, there is your favorite brands and loads of new favorites.  My kids loved their Fanta Orange, Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Sprite while I loved the artisanal collection from Red Barn and their own Seraphine Passion Fruit Seltzer is divine!  Just the right bubbly that I like without the sugar! Sodas, craft sodas, flavored waters, sports drinks, seltzers and ice teas all perfectly chilled.


  • What’s a plus for one, is a minus for another.  The husband prefers more choices in size of drink as he says he can clear 8 ounces in 2 sips.
  • Wish there was a detector for when you forget to peel the freshness seal. You pretty much lost the pod if you forget to take off the seal… which brings us to…
  • the cost.  99¢ to $1.29 per Kold pod for an 8 ounce drink is on the higher end of pricing. I do expect, as like K-pods, to find deals and sales abound soon.

The Keurig KOLD is the perfect addition to your drink bar. You’re party’s sure to be a hit! Available at retailers nationwide for MSRP $349.99. KOLD pods retail for 99¢ to $1.29 each and are sold in 4-packs currently.

koldkube1In the New York City area?  Come check out the KOLD Kube heading into NYC’s Greeley Square. What’s a KOLD Kube? It’s pretty cool – the Kube is a pop-up experience that looks like an oversized drinkmaker – and anyone can come down to try KOLD themselves, sampling all of their still and sparkling beverages for free! They’ll be there Saturday through Monday, Nov. 28-30, from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. each day!

{ disclosure: I received a Keurig KOLD drinkmaker system for review.  No other compensation was exchanged for my honest review.  As long term Keurig consumers, we were thrilled to partake in this opportunity. As always all opinions expressed here are my very own. }