REVIEW: Juno Baby has a new sibling – Juno Jr!

Oh you couldn’t even imagine the excitement in the house when Juno Jr arrived!  It had to be the most highly anticipated event for the toddler.  Sadly we missed the VIP Celebrity Launch at FAO due to an iPhone malfunction — I thought it was at 11am, instead it was at 1pm.  The toddler handled the whole thing with such grace despite her momma’s unfulfilled promise of a Juno sighting.  My heart broke as she told her father that she didn’t get to see Juno because Juno was “busy” and Mommy missed Daddy (sorta) so we had to go home.  Gotta love that kid!

The toddler loves Juno Baby even though she’s not a baby.  That’s the beauty of Juno Baby, the music can be appreciated by audiences of all ages.  Because of that reason I was curious to see how Juno Jr would be different.  Just like Juno Baby, you’ll find original, orchestral music along with all your favorite Juno characters but this time Juno engages her audience.  The toddler was chiming in as if on cue… fast music!  slow music!  And if we (the parents) had to admit it, so were we… Perfect for your growing Juno Baby fan we highly recommend Juno Jr!

Two new DVDs are now available — “The Day the Music Stopped” and “One Bunny Band”. The new CD line, “Welcome to Harmonia Springs,” features all the songs from these two DVDs as well as the upcoming DVD, “Friends Make a Symphony.”