Join Mike the Knight on his Missions of the Month!

Huzzah!  Join Mike the Knight on his knightly missions!  “M” just loooooves Mike the Knight!  Ever since the husband got him his own (foam) sword and shield, he runs around the house like Mike the Knight!  We love Mike because he just has so many admirable qualities all little boys should aspire to.  Through comedy and adventure, the Mike the Knight series transports kids to a world of castles, dragons, and trolls. Kids accompany Mike on knightly missions, where they learn problem-solving, self-confidence, and how to do the right thing. If you’re struggling like many parents to get your child to think about cause and effect/consequences, watch Mike the Knight on Nick Jr.

Mike is a knight-in-training with a big future ahead of him. The son of the King and Queen of Glendragon, Mike is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a brave and noble knight.  With the triumphant rallying cry “Be  A Knight, Do It Right!” the young hero is joined in his adventures by  a host of characters including his trusty steed Galahad, two friendly dragons Squirt and Sparkie, and his sister Evie, a trainee wizard.

Just in time for Summer Break, you and your knight-in-training have been summoned to help with some knightly missions.  Each month, you will be asked to perform a new mission on Mike’s Facebook page. After each one is accomplished, you and your knight-in-training will receive an award badge.  Follow the instructions on the training guide, and remember, Be  A Knight, Do It Right! and collect them all!

We’re can’t wait for the first Mike the Knight app coming out later this summer!

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