JCPenney’s New Year #newyou

When I got the invitation to jump start my fitness goals for the New year I was very excited. Who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be invited to participate in a dance workout that was taught by Karina Smirnoff, from Dancing With the Stars?  But honestly, I was also very intimidated. I have been out of shape since the birth of my second child (over a year ago), and the pounds haven’t come off as easily as I would have liked. Upon my arrival to the ‘dance studio’, and being surrounded by so many beautiful woman with toned bodies my insecurities only intensified.

Thankfully, soon after, I was put at ease.  JCPenney provided me with workout clothing that was both suitable for my body type and comfortable to me to wear.  I got changed into my leggings and tank top and I went into the class feeling ready and able to begin.
The workout we had was amazing, exhausting, intense and ass-kicking (for me, at least), but it left me ready to take on even more.

Post butt-whooping, I was offered a taste of the world of juicing, with several samples of healthy (homemade) juices that were being offered.  It was then that I learned how simple juicing can actually be.  While embracing the #newyou mantra, I left yesterday afternoon feeling empowered, and with a longing desire to be healthier and more fit. I was eager to get started.
For the holidays, (and at my request) my husband got me a gym membership (and a few sessions with a personal trainer) but I had been too intimidated to go. After my morning with Karina Smirnoff, and with my newly aquired work out clothing from JCPenney, I no longer feel that sense of intimidation. If anything, it’s become a sense of excitement. I mean, we all have to start somewhere.

photo 4

To prepare my body for what is about to transpire, I have been juicing all day today. Using my Ninja Blender, I made a raspberry/blueberry yogurt smoothie for breakfast this morning, and prepared one of the juicing recipes from the New Year New You #newyou event. The juice I like the most is called the Xersion sweet green boost which has swiss chard, kale, celery, parsley, and Fuji apples. I hope to get through all of the recipes given to me by the end of next week.

While I’d say my weight loss goals are to look like a super model with little effort, realistically, they’re not. (Though I wouldn’t mind it if that magically happened). My goal is to be healthier and more fit for myself, for my husband, and most importantly to always be able to keep up with my two energetic boys.

Everyone has got to start somewhere. Thanks to JCPenney’s new line of workout wear, and to Karina Smirnoff, I’m officially calling this MY starting point to a #newyou (new me).photo 3

Here goes nothing!

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(Updates to follow as my journey to a #newyou and thinner, healthier me continues).